Hot, cold, hot cold. I’m beginning to think Mother Nature has a wheel she spins to decide the weather and whatever it lands on is what we get. Which is fine, but it just makes it really hard to plan. Like in the mornings you need a jacket, by lunch you’re burning up, then it’s back to cold again.

This weekend was no exception either, except that it stayed cold most of Friday and Saturday then was all crazy Sunday. Luckily, by Sunday it didn’t matter because I was so hungover I didn’t move. No worries, Saturday I did plenty of moving and plenty of Boozie spying!

Put me in coach!
It’s recruiting time (well, and Senior Bowl — nothing like killing two birds with one stone), which means big names in football are being spotted everywhere. Well, some aren’t being spotted as well as others. Our area always produces top recruits so it’s no surprise when Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban shows up. It is also no surprise that Saban kept it all business during his visit. Like, at least give us that sweet grin you keep hidden, Coach Saban!

The fun doesn’t end there. Last Wednesday, both Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson were spotted at McGill-Toolen’s basketball game against Murphy! Not a bad game to catch, plenty of good athletes on both sides.

Last but least ol’ Dabo Swinney, Clemson’s head coach — aka the guy that beat ‘Bama, his alma mater — showed up at a downtown restaurant for a tasty meal. As the story goes, as the national championship-winning coach was waiting for a table, the young hostess excitedly informed him she’d heard Clemson’s coach might soon be stopping in for a bite. Not missing a beat, Swinney said, “I hear he’s a pretty good guy.”

Senior Bowl shenanigans
Last week I told y’all about the Meet the Players party for the Senior Bowl, now I get to tell y’all about the actual game and pregame shenanigans. Next to Mardi Gras, Senior Bowl is probably Mobile’s next biggest party. So of course, anyone you know that lives near Ladd-Peebles Stadium becomes one of your stops on the way to and from the stadium. And nothing tells you you’re close to Ladd like almost stepping on a used condom right outside the gate. But that’s a story for a different day.

Once at the stadium, Boozie and crew headed to the tailgate for food and beer. Now, I am not sure who was cooking, but that was some great fried fish and corn nuggets. Nothing like setting a good base before a day of drinking.

After chugging as many beers as we could, we settled into our seats. To our surprise, the stadium was a lot warmer than expected. The game was underway and a guy nearby shouted out that they should have let Verne and Gary have one last go at football commentating, Boozie is willing to bet he wasn’t an Alabama fan.

Speaking of football commentating, Alabama fans’ favorite, Eli Gold, was spotted in the crowd! I really wonder what it’s like for him to be at a game. Like, does he say to the folks around him “OJ Howard out to the right at the 40, 35 and he is stopped”? Or does he just sit there in silence? If I had seen him myself instead of a spy, I would have done some better investigating. Eyeroll.

The best part of the game wasn’t actually plays but what happened on the field. At one point they started playing Rihanna’s song “Work” and USC player Zach Banner (number 73) started dancing. Let’s just say he was a better dancer than the Saints’ cheerleaders.

Another highlight was when a guy hopped the fence, trying to make it onto the field. He was quickly stopped by security but broke away and made a run for the field once again. He was tackled by the police before he got too far. It was one of the better tackles that day, not to mention hilarious.  

The party didn’t end there. After the game, Senior Bowl fans headed downtown for a little post-game celebration. Two fans were spotted making out at a restaurant bar. The making out quickly turned into the guy sucking the girl’s neck. Maybe he was a vampire or maybe she wanted an excuse to wear a scarf. We may never know.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Senior Bowl lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!