Photo |  Rick Moore | Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires

Band: Ted Hefko & The Thousandaires
Date: Saturday, Feb. 9, 8 p.m.
Venue: The Bone and Barrel, 311 Fairhope Ave. (Fairhope), 251-990-0782
Tickets: Call for more info

The Bone and Barrel is bringing a spicy taste of the Big Easy to the Eastern Shore. When he was fresh out of high school, Ted Hefko decided to trade his agrarian surroundings in Wisconsin for the big-city bustle of New Orleans.

With jazz flowing through his veins, Hefko decided to immerse himself in New Orleans culture while attending the University of New Orleans. Afterward, he spent a decade as a hired gun, lending his saxophone in acts from New Orleans to the Big Apple. These days, he double-times between saxophone and guitar onstage with his backing band, The Thousandaires.

Hefko and his crew will fill The Bone and Barrel with cuts from their latest album, “Gas Station Guru.” With a vocal style somewhere between Harry Connick Jr. and Seth Walker, Hefko floats lyrics across New Orleans jazz grooves. However, he keeps things eclectic with tracks such as “Ride Me Down Easy,” which takes the album into classic Western sounds.

This show promises to keep spirits high with music shaped by the streets of New Orleans.