About a week after Maysville resident Stanley Robinson heard multiple gunshots being fired near his home, the vice-president of a community watchdog group observed from the end of Wexford Street as Mobile Police rounded up suspects in a raid Thursday related to the sale of illegal drugs.

Robinson said he thinks actions like that from local police could help cut down on crime in the area.

“They’re doing their job,” he said of the members of the MPD Narcotics Vice and Street Enforcement teams. “I think they need to ride through more.

In 2013 in the Maysville community, Police responded to 26 robberies, 8o assaults and 326 drug violations, said Capt. John Barber.

The operation, which was the second of the department’s “hot spot” efforts targeting areas plagued by crime, was the culmination of a two-month undercover investigation that started after Chief James Barber received a letter from a concerned Maysville resident identifying houses where drug activity was suspected, Capt. Barber told a group of officers during a briefing at police headquarters, minutes before the operation was to begin.

Officers met in front of Ladd-Peebles Stadium to further organize before splitting up and heading to six different locations throughout Maysville. At one location on the 1600 block of Wexford Street, neighbors looked on as officers took three suspects, including a mother and daughter, into custody.

The daughter, India Darrington, was charged with two counts of distribution and one count of possession of crack cocaine, according to the statement. Police said Darrington attempted to hide from officers under the house before she was arrested.

Her mother, Shannon Darrington, was picked up on one count of distribution, according to police. In addition, officers arrested Terrance Morris at the Wexford Street location on a count of distribution. Police seized three grams of crack cocaine and two guns from the location, according to the statement.

Robinson watched from a nearby intersection, while police handcuffed and transported each of the suspects to vehicles. A few small children at the residence also witnessed the arrests.

“It’s pitiful to see our younger generation looking at this,” Robinson said. “It’s not sending a good message.”

Another part of the operation had police taking a mother and son into custody on distribution charges. Chavis Owens and Tashika Mallory were arrested on the 1700 block of Dominick Street.

Owens was charged with possession of codeine, two counts of distribution, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana in the first degree. Mallory was charged with distribution, possession of marijuana in the second degree and possession of drug paraphernalia. Eric McNeil was also arrested at the location and charged with three counts of distribution, according to the statement.

Chief Barber said family members teaming up for illegal activity isn’t very common.

“The problem is that it happens at all,” he said. “It really does highlight some of the problems we’re facing in the community.”

Police also rounded up suspects at a house on the 1100 block of Partridge Street. Suspects were arrested at this location for possession of marijuana analog and loitering for the purpose of drug activity. Those arrested were: James Pritchard, Terry Cage, Travis Jones and Lanae Johnson, according to the statement.

In addition, Dennis Bettis was arrested at a home on the 1100 block of Cottrell Street, according to the statement. Three grams of marijuana and two grams of marijuana analog were seized from the location.

Phillip Johnson was arrested at a residence on the 1600 block of Duval Street. He was charged with three counts of distribution. A gun was also seized from the location, according to the statement.