Band: Iration
Date: Sunday, May 17 at 11:30 a.m.
Stage: Hangout Stage

Iration may feel right at home with Gulf Shores’ sand between their toes. Their story begins on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the band developed a sound that mixes dub, reggae and rock. However, the inspiring tropical locale ultimately was a limiting factor, guitarist/vocalist Micah Pueschel said. Hawaii’s small size and isolation hindered any kind of music scene from forming.

Iration’s tropical background should lend itself to Hangout Fest’s beachfront atmosphere.

Iration’s tropical background should lend itself to Hangout Fest’s beachfront atmosphere.

When the band relocated to Southern California for college, they instantly fell into a scene that embraced their style of music. The West Coast had produced bands such as Sublime, Long Beach Dub All-Stars and Slightly Stoopid. Iration quickly gained notice for its fresh approach to the rocked-out reggae sound. Songs such as “Turn Around,” from their 2010 release “Time Bomb,” earned rotations on a number of West Coast radio stations and hit the number-one spot on stations such as 91X (San Diego), KCXX (Riverside), KJEE (Santa Barbara) and many others. This success led to their music being featured on VH1, MTV and Fox Sports. Their acceptance in an area known for nurturing their style of music was a dream come true for Iration.

“We just feel really lucky,” Pueschel said. “I have to say that San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo have supported us pretty much from the beginning. They really got behind us, and we’ve had nothing but good support from those areas. It’s been a cool experience for us.”

“Automatic” from 2013 is Iration’s latest offering. During the planning for this album, the band met Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parrish at a music conference. Parrish was looking to try his hand in music production, and the band was looking for a producer who could bring more of a rock edge to their music. Parrish was the perfect choice, Pueschel said. The album was recorded in five days. Parrish would rehearse songs with the band, and immediately afterward they would quickly lay down the tracks in the studio while the songs were fresh.

“It was very fast, and we had never done it like that,” Pueschel said. “So it was a new approach for us, which was cool. (Parrish) is a very talented guy. He’s got a good ear, and he’s a talented guitar player.”

The Hangout Fest crowd can expect to hear tracks from the band’s next album, “Hotting Up,” which is in the final stages of production. Festival-goers also can expect Iration to amplify the ocean vibe with their “perfect beach music.”