The state House of Representatives on Wednesday approved the “Regulation Repeal Act,” a measure sponsored by State Rep. Chris Pringle, R – Mobile, which is designed to reduce regulations and clean up Alabama’s Code of Laws by removing outdated statutes.

The bill is part of the House Republican Caucus’ “Alabama First” legislative agenda.

“Republicans are committed to reducing red tape and removing regulations, so we reached out to each state agency and requested a list of laws that are no longer relevant,” Pringle said. “The agencies responded with more than 300 examples of laws that are unenforceable, outdated, and obsolete, so this bill simply removes them from the books.”

In addition to contributing to needless red tape, Pringle said keeping outdated laws in the Alabama Code wastes manpower, increases printing costs, and generates confusion among those tasked with enforcing them.

Examples of provisions that will be stricken once House Bill 40 becomes law are: A law making it illegal to participate in marathons, a law declaring the sale or purchase of domestic animals or fowl to be illegal after dark, a statutory ban on pool halls having curtains, blinds, or screens in front of windows, a law forbidding public markets to be held on Sundays and a law that makes it illegal to attend a bear wrestling match.