The Mobile Housing Board postponed its regularly scheduled meetings in January and February. Both original meetings were rescheduled due to failure to reach a quorum, Executive Director Dwayne Vaughn wrote in an email message over the weekend.

“The originally scheduled meeting was postponed due largely to illness of some of the members and business travel out of the city by another,” Vaughn wrote.

The board held a makeup January meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

The February board meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 11, will now be held on Wednesday, Feb. 25.

“The meeting was not held due to a lack of quorum, caused in part by unexpected business travel for two members and a serious illness by a third,” Vaughn wrote.

The January meeting marked the first for Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s newest board appointee, Joyce Freeman.

“It is my pleasure to appoint Ms. Freeman,” Stimpson said. “She brings an honest voice to this leadership team and I’m sure she will fulfill her duties with integrity.”

Freeman replaced Ruby Lang, whose term expired last year.

Freeman lives in public housing, fulfilling the board’s requirement to appoint at least one tenant. In addition to her position on the board, Freeman is president of the resident association of Central Plaza Tower. She is a lifelong resident of Mobile and graduated from Bishop State Community College. Her four-year term expires in January 2019.

Freeman joins former Mayor Sam Jones’ appointees Melvin Clark, Clarence Ball, Norman Hill and Donald Langham on the board.