During my week-long Thanksgiving stay in Mobile, I read your Nov. 17 edition and was pleased to find an excellent community newspaper like yours.

I did want to react to “Tongue in cheek — Orange Beach mayor bids farewell to celebrity activists.” Mayor Tony Kennon should be embarrassed to be wasting taxpayer funds and his mayor’s duties on his divisive effort to raise funds to get Hillary Clinton supporters to take a bus to Mexico or Canada.

He says he has raised $1,145 for this harebrained idea which is just a jab at Democrats, some of whom may well be living in Orange Beach or visitors there. Does this promote Orange Beach as a great resort or some hostile place with crazies?

May I suggest these funds be given to feed the hungry in Orange Beach this Thanksgiving or to help a homeless family find shelter. There are many needy people who could use a meal or shelter, and need leadership and community support, and our national Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to do so.

John Reeder
Arlington, Va.