Are we sure it was the first day of fall last week? I mean, it was so hot this past weekend you would have thought it was the dog days of summer. Fingers crossed the weather is a little cooler for TenSixtyFive. Actually, either way, I know we will still be partying! Bring on the jams and the sweat, Mobile is ready to get down! But until then, we need to go over all of last week’s shenanigans.

Hump day happies
Nothing makes a hump day better than a concert at the Saenger Theatre! This past Wednesday night, the Saenger was rocked by The Record Company and Trombone Shorty, which made hump day the best day of last week.

As you may recall, back in May 2016, Lenny Kravitz visited BlackFlash Antiques on his way to Hangout Fest, and mentioned how great it was. Well, Trombone Shorty bandleader and trombone player Troy Andrews needed to see for himself. So once his crew was unloaded, Troy made the quick trip across the street from the Saenger to take a look around. He told owner Charlana that he wasn’t really into antiques but had heard Lenny loved the place so he wanted to check it out. Umm, hello! So cool, I told y’all there must be some secret celebrity website where they share the places to go!

Now back to the show. The Record Company opened for Trombone Shorty and Boozie has heard nothing but good things! People raved that they were amazing. One spy said they seemed a little surprised at how many songs the crowd knew. Thank you, 92ZEW, for keeping us in the know! Nothing like some good rock to get the party started!

Boozie is pretty sad she didn’t get to make the show this go-around. But I have been to a Trombone Shorty show and can tell you they are great and the spies said this show was no exception! Like always, the band had the crowd moving and grooving all night!

One spy said her favorite part was when Andrews and a few guys from the band walked around in the audience, giving everyone a front-row experience! Some people even pulled out their umbrellas and danced along as if they were marching in a second line. I bet you won’t miss them again. I know I won’t.

Key me
Before Trombone Shorty got to jamming on Wednesday, another celebrity was being celebrated. Nicolas Cage was given a key to the city by Mayor Sandy Stimpson. Hizzoner told Nic: “That key will get you into any door that you want to get in. I’m not sure that you need that, because you could probably get in anywhere in Mobile that you wanted to. On behalf of the citizens of Mobile, we appreciate what you do and what you represent.”

Boozie couldn’t agree more, and I love being able to spot places around town in the movies! Hello The Garage in “Rage,” just to name one.

Nic isn’t the only one that has been in town filming. Co-star Franka Potente, best known as the star of “Run Lola Run” and as Marie from the Jason Bourne movies, has been spotted around town. Apparently, she is so nice, and Boozie is guessing that’s true because she bought Nic a gift from Lush. What do you buy a guy that probably has it all? A messenger bag! Now he has something to carry all his treasure maps in!

In other celeb news, acclaimed actor Gary Oldman dined at Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina in Fairhope two nights in a row. How can you blame him with that view?!?!

The stars always shine more brightly in the other LA.

Hanging out the passenger side
One of Boozie’s spies was just minding her own business last Thursday night, driving along Springhill Avenue at Florida Street, when she heard an awful ruckus coming from behind her car.

As she looked back, a woman leaning out of the passenger window of a small car was screaming and hollering, then fell out of the window onto the street. Our spy figured she was going to have to pull over and try to help this poor soul, when the woman jumped up all dressed like she was about to go downtown for some serious booty dancing, and staggered on her high heels to another car that had stopped.

The concrete flopper quickly jumped into the back seat of that car and they sped off into the night, possibly for some serious partying, or perhaps just to the nearest ER. Whichever was the case, the pavement diver was dressed for success.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Trombone Shorty lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!