Since we were last together on this page, hundreds, maybe even thousands, of our friends and neighbors have dumped buckets upon buckets of ice water on their heads and poured gallons of beer and wine down their throats. (Not all at the same time … well maybe some of them did.)

But anyway, with water challenges, Beer Fest and the opening of a new wine bar all in a very short period of time, it’s been a very wet week in the Port City and I’m not even talking about the relative humidity. Though I guess I could be.

So throw a bucket of ice water on yourself — for a good cause or just because it’s hotter than nine hells — and sit back and read a little Boozie B. You can fan yourself dry with the paper when you are done with the oh-so-tasty gossip. Win – Win!

Ice Bucket Challenge

Yes, I know some of you are sick of watching the ALS ice bucket challenge and have taken to the same social media it has been splashed all over, so to speak, to complain about it. Or even issue anti-challenges. But come on, people. It’s for a good cause, so who cares if you are personally tired of it. Just scroll on past it. Yes, there are other good charities, including many LOCAL ones, we could raise money for and I think we should! Anyone up for the boiling water bucket challenge? Oh wait.

Pie face challenge? There we go!

Anyway, I did see some very funny and/or disturbing challenge videos I wanted to point out, in case you missed them.

In the funny category, FM TALK 106.5’s Sean Sullivan, who was challenged by Lagniappe’s own Rob Holbert and Ashley Trice, used a Coors Light can to assure viewers his water was indeed frigid. Using technology that was presumably engineered by NASA scientists, the Coors Light can’s mountains turn blue when the beverage is ice cold enough to drink. Sullivan pulled a Silver Bullet out of his bucket to show, you guessed it, frigid blue mountains. No word on if he consumed said Bullet afterwards, but we certainly hope so.

In the disturbing category, our cuisine editor, Andy MacDonald and his band Fat Man Squeeze performed the Ice Bucket Challenge in Washington Square. Shirtless, hairy, nipples with tape over them and Daisy Dukes on grown men were all elements of their challenge, which no doubt must have scared the residents of the OGD. After their, um, “performance,” they were selfless enough to challenge the USA cheerleading squad, which I’m certain is far less furry.

You can see both of these videos on their respective Facebook pages.

Girls of Fall is a ball

The Senior Bowl’s “Girls of Fall” event was held Aug. 21 at the Mobile Convention Center. There was a good crowd for the event, as ladies learned about the Xs and Os of football from Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage and an SEC referee, got some tasty recipes for game day fare from Panini Pete and attended a fashion show of the latest fall styles. I’m told the fashions were fabulous, though some questioned the practicality of actually wearing the fab attire to said game days. Hey, when have you ever seen anything on a runway you would actually wear? It’s all about interpreting it to make it work for you.

I’m told the Maker’s Mark shots being handed out by Moe’s BBQ were particularly popular. And the food was divine. If you are looking for a fun girls night out to kick football season off right, make sure to put this one on your calendars for next year. Oh and of course, they handed out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Oh how I love that they are the title sponsor now! Yum!

Beer Fest is the Best Ever

The Dauphin Street Beer Festival took place in LoDa on Saturday, Aug. 23, and despite the record high temperatures, I am told it was one of the best turnouts thus far. And a perusal of the list of beers proves the selection of brews was one of the best ever as well. I am told Mayor Sandy Stimpson was spotted at the festival and even made a few remarks at Alchemy Tavern. After the budget process, I am sure he needed to knock back a few.

Pour Baby opens; heads hurt

WeMo welcomed Pour Baby, a new wine bar, craft beer shop and bistro, at a grand opening celebration last weekend. The new bar opened up in the former Gourmet Galley spot on Airport Boulevard near Providence Hospital, and we hear there were big times had on all of three nights of the opening. Yep, so big in fact, we hear plenty of heads were hurting all over the Port City. Ouch! And congrats!

Food Truck Race

The fifth season of the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” is now airing on Sunday nights on the Food Network. Mobilians will recall the final three trucks made a stop here last spring and that episode should be airing soon. But if you want to see how they made their way to the Port City, then this is required television viewing now.

The crowds for the three trucks that made it here were so large, a producer said it was the biggest turnout at that point in the season. So obviously many of you already know what the top three trucks are, but don’t spoil it for your friends and neighbors who don’t. That’s not cool. Check it out Sundays at 8 p.m.

Well kids, that’s all I have this issue. Have a great and labor-free Labor Day weekend, and just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Ice Bucket Challenge lovin’ (or hatin’), I will be there. Ciao!