I read with great interest the letter from Clarence Carrio in the Aug. 8 edition regarding the USA Foundation-owned property at Brookley located on Mobile Bay, and the possibility for making it a public park.

Carrio is right — it is the last piece of land left on Mobile Bay that could be used for such purpose. Mobile may be the least “waterfront” waterfront city on the coast. Sure, you can view the industrial Mobile river but there really isn’t any nice, open-to-the-public place to view the bay named after this fair city (McNally Park is really limited).

Think about it. If you had friends/family from out of town who would like to experience the bay for the first time, where would you take them? To Fairhope, of course, in Baldwin County! It’s either that or risk your life standing at the top of the Dog River bridge. Most other bay waterfront has been taken by either government or private entities, and I won’t even go into the lack of available city boat-launch facilities/parking.

This piece of property may be Mobile’s last chance to reclaim what it once was: a great bayfront city with an incredible history and culture that makes it the most unique in the state (and Gulf Coast).

M.A. Schulz