The charge of impersonating a police officer against Sands Stimpson, the 32-year-old son of Mayor Sandy Stimpson, will head to the grand jury, according to court records. During a preliminary hearing yesterday, Mobile County District Judge Joe Basenberg ruled there was probable cause for the charge.

The charge stems from a May traffic stop, where Sands Stimpson was stopped for speeding along Bay Bridge road. During the stop, Sands Stimpson showed a state trooper a deputy game warden badge in his wallet from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Inland Fisheries. When the trooper called a Department of Conservation officer to the scene who denied Stimpson was an officer, he was charged with impersonation, a felony.

Sands Stimpson’s attorney, Arthur Madden, has maintained the incident was a misunderstanding.

According to other media reports, Kevin Dodd, chief of law enforcement for the Wildlife and Inland Fisheries Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said deputy game and fish wardens are not issued badges and are told not to represent themselves as officers because they do not have arresting authority. Deputy wardens are issued a piece of paper called a “commission,” he said.

Dodd called deputy game warden an “honorary” position.

While a commission for a deputy game warden position doesn’t come with a badge, Madden said at the time of the arrest, Sands Stimpson had one custom made from a third-party manufacturer, using a certificate he was issued from the department. The speeding charge against Stimpson was disposed.