Portal Studio is a local institution paying homage to all types of art. Their featured mediums range from visual to aural, and this show will bring together three eclectic musical acts for an evening of unique sounds. The improvisational evening of music will feature the debut of the 2015 Plutonian Burrito Tour to the Azalea City.


The Plutonian Burrito Tour brings together two of the music world’s most innovative musicians. Charles Pagano is a percussionist who puts no limitations on his work. The best description of his style could be “spontaneous fusion jazz.”

Scott Leonard Bazar will be joining Pagano. Bazar takes a no holds barred approach to his music, highlighted with pieces such as “Guitar PitchFork Sampler and Animations.” Bazar inundates his audiences with a wave of chaos he wrangles into memorable songs.

The Portal Improv Group will complete the free-wheeling lineup and add their influence to the mix.

Charles Pagano, Scott Leonard Bazar, Portal Improv Group
Date: Thursday Jan. 8, doors at 7 p.m.
Venue: Portal Studio, 163 N. Lawrence St., 454-4923
Tickets: $5 donation at the door