Band: Lisa Mills
Date: Sunday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Manci’s Antique Club, 1715 Main St. (Daphne),
Tickets: $8 at the door

Lisa Mills’ powerful brand of blues and soul has earned the singer-songwriter a worldwide listening audience. Intimate settings such as Manci’s Antique Club give longtime fans and new listeners an optimum environment to experience her original sound. Mills has spent a great deal of time promoting her last effort, a reboot of her album “I’m Changing,” which she successfully financed through the philanthropic Kickstarter website.

Now Mills is using Kickstarter to finance what could be her most personal album yet, to be called “Mama’s Juke Book.” The concept began with an old notebook belonging to Mills’ late mother. From Conway Twitty to Buck Owens, the notebook contained a list of songs and their lyrics that Mills’ mother considered her favorites. Mills’ mother also recorded the date and location where she heard the beloved songs.

Mills also discovered the lyrics to a song called “A Song of Love,” which her mother wrote. “Mama’s Juke Book” will be Mills’ interpretation of her mother’s favorites and her original. Money generated from Kickstarter will go to financing studio time with Grammy winner Trina Shoemaker along with mixing, mastering and promotion.