Band: Wintervals
Date: Friday, Sept. 7, 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Big Beach Brewing Co., 300 E. 24th Ave. (Gulf Shores),
Tickets: Free

With the madness of summer out of the way, the people of Gulf Shores are enjoying a little break before the snowbirds blow into town. Many locals are taking a break at Big Beach Brewing, particularly given this establishment’s music offerings. This weekend, Big Beach will bring the sounds of Wintervals to its outdoor stage.

Wintervals will bring a dose of indie country from western North Carolina. This duo’s light, mountain-fueled sound is reminiscent of She & Him, except with a streak of insight from the smoky honky-tonk world.

Wintervals is promoting its down-home sound through its EP release “Wilderness.” This four-song effort skirts a fine line between indie and mainstream country, allowing the band to pull listeners from all walks. Throughout “Wilderness,” Wintervals fills each track with a mix of emotional, musical poetry filled with bright poignancy, even when the mood should be somber.