Band: Slide Bayou
Date: Saturday, May 27, 8 p.m.
Venue: Fins Bar, 1600 Bienville Ave. (Dauphin Island)
Tickets: Free

Fins Bar has been attracting more and more people to Dauphin Island with frozen drinks, a versatile menu and live musical entertainment to gather throngs of dedicated patrons. For Memorial Day weekend, Fins will be treating its crowd to the soulful jams of Slide Bayou.

Slide Bayou is the Mobile Bay area’s newest supergroup, pooling the songwriting and instrumental talents of Ryan Balthrop, Lee Yankie and Harrison McInnis. Together, this trio is taking their respective songs and placing them into a new context through their artistic collaboration.

During the Lagniappe Mobile Bay Showcase at SouthSounds 2017, Slide Bayou’s set was a high-energy jam session that brought the crowd to its feet. Their full show should be a healthy overdose of electrifying homegrown sounds.