Throughout the 20th century, jazz has become as linked with the December holiday season as Tchaikovsky. That’s thanks in no small part to artists like Vince Guaraldi whose Charlie Brown-inspired music became the official Christmas soundtrack for Baby Boomers and Generation Xers alike.

The Mystic Order of the Jazz Obsessed (MOJO) is more than happy to stir other associations. The vibraphone’s tone is perfect for the occasion, able to conjure the austere beauty of snowfall, the grace of ice-skating or the ringing of bells just by a flash of the mallets.

Vibraphonist Sean Worrell floored attendees with his kinetic salute to Lionel Hampton in August 2013 and returns this month with compatriots Phil Proctor, Danny Infante and Pete Wehner. If it is even a fraction as entertaining as the aforementioned show, expect thunderous approval.

Entrance is $12, $10 for students and military, $8 for MOJO members. The fee includes a light jambalaya dinner.

A cash bar is available.

For more info, call 251-459-2298, email or go to

MOJO Jambalaya- Holiday Vibes
Where: Gulf City Lodge, 601 State St.
When: Dec. 22, 6:30 p.m.