SUBMITTED — On June 30, Jehovah’s Witnesses will begin their three series of three-day annual conventions with the theme “Don’t Give Up!” The program will be held in The Mitchell Center at the University of South Alabama campus. As in years past, the Witnesses are participating in a global campaign to personally invite the general public to attend. Some 11,000 -13,000 delegates are expected in Mobile.

The dates are June 30-July 2, for the first English convention. Spanish will be July 7-9, and the last English convention is scheduled on July 14-17. Admission to each event is free and no collections are taken.

“Nearly 13 million persons attended our conventions last year worldwide,” states David A. Semonian, spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses at their world headquarters in Warwick, New York. “We hope to have an even larger audience this year.”

The program is divided into 52 parts and will be presented in a variety of formats, including brief discourses, interviews, and short videos. Additionally, one segment of a three-part feature film entitled Remember the Wife of Lot will be shown each afternoon.

“Challenges in life can rob us of peace and even cause some to think about giving up,” says Mr. Semonian. “Our convention this year will benefit both Witnesses and non-Witnesses because it promises to empower individuals not only to keep enduring but also to cope with challenges productively.”