Nestled on the side of U.S. Highway 90, The Blues Tavern has become a favorite venue for both local and out-of-town blues enthusiasts. In addition to attracting dedicated audiences, the intimate venue has also built a reputation among performers nationwide. From James “Super Chikan” Washington to Deak Harp, The Blues Tavern has become a performance destination for many excellent blues acts.

Jeff Jensen

New schooler Jeff Jensen will be traveling to the Azalea City to give Blues Tavern regulars a taste of his latest effort, “Morose Elephant,” with a release party that should deliver a batch of fresh, fiery blues.

Jensen is like many young, modern bluesmen. He maintains a legitimate blues foundation while mixing elements of rock, soul and funk throughout. Jensen’s versatility made him a key member of harmonica player Brandon Santini’s band and an impressive solo artist in his own right. “Morose Elephant” is Jensen’s fourth solo release.

“Make It Through” is the album’s opener and introduces the album with a cavalcade of soulful vocals and brash horns. Jensen contrasts tracks such as “Make It Through” with blues rock anthems such as “Get Along” and “Elephant Blue.” Victor Wainwright stops by to lay down tracks on “What’s the Matter With the Mill,” and Anne Harris appears on “Ash and Bone.”

Jeff Jensen Band CD Release Party
Date: Friday, Feb. 27, 9 p.m.
Venue: The Blues Tavern, 2818 Government Blvd.,
Tickets: Free