Just wanted to acknowledge your creative use of a fictionalized job interview to show us how almost anything can be taken to a degree of virtual insanity. Finding something wrong with someone is easier than focusing on everything they’ve done that is beneficial to themselves and to other people. If a human resource manager for company XYZ has a preconceived bias about the person s/he is interviewing, and s/he wants to prove the righteousness of the bias, then rationalizing and selecting (“cherry-picking”) those questions that might have absolutely nothing to do with the applicant’s qualifications can be a very clever way that companies use to discriminate and avoid being accused of breaking the law.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative some corporations are when it comes to finding deceptive and manipulative tactics that are used to discard those applicants who don’t fit the image that a personnel manager has in mind. Identity politics has become so pandemic today that it is apparently difficult for some people to appreciate the beauty, truth, and goodness in our lives.

Are we sacrificing the soul of America in a bid for power over the lives of Americans?

John C. Davis