To the editor:

It would behoove everyone to take a look at the MAWSS board and those who are on it and their “qualifications.” Interesting information. Probably one of the most qualified to serve would have been Sam Jones.

These positions that do pay something have long been just political favor paybacks and the actual qualifications of the nominee a mute point. This time there would have actually been a qualified nominee.

Mr. Manzie articulately explained the vote and why it was wrong for the other four members to deny his appointment. They surely must know that they are now open to the same decisions on the part of the other three council members.

It was clear that personal issues from Mr. Jones term as Mayor was the basis for some of the no votes. Two of the four refused to even comment leaving us to guess any number of reasons and to say to them, explain yourself.  You owe it to Fred Richardson and Sam Jones to do so.

If the shoe were on the other foot, the cries of foul would be reverberating everywhere.

If I were one of the three, I would question the proposed nomination of Scott Hunter to the Mobile History Museum Board that was on the agenda. I knew he played football and had done some commentating and had been in investments, but had no idea that he had a degree in history or any service of any kind that would qualify him for that position.

So the dye is cast. The four set the precedent and the three take the abuse of some and a Mayor who childishly walks out like a pouting child from a meeting. Oh but, we are ONE!

Dianne Jones