U.S. District Court Judge Callie Granade granted several orders today dismissing claims against parties involved in a weather related accident on the Mobile River in 2013, when the Carnival Triumph broke free from its moorings at BAE Systems and drifted uncontrolled into a berthed ship owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The accident also killed John Buster Johnson, a BAE Systems employee who was reportedly blown into the river by 40-50 mph straight-line winds and drowned in in the incident.

Afterward, Carnival filed suit against BAE Systems and other defendants, claiming “inadequate and defective” mooring systems failed to secure the 893-foot ship during a strong spring thunderstorm. Several countersuits followed involving the U.S. Government, Signal Ship Repair, and the relatives of Johnson.

A mediation process late last year was unsuccessful, but a joint report on settlement statuses issued Feb. 16 indicated all parties agreed to dismiss the claims.

The Triumph was at BAE undergoing repairs after an engine fire at sea left it without power. Hundreds of passengers were left to endure unsanitary conditions in an incident endeared as the “Poop Cruise,” or the “Turdtanic.”