To the editor:
I’ve taken pictures of the Murphy High School parking lot on South Street adjacent to the tennis courts (also trashy and un-policed) to demonstrate an ongoing and long-standing problem. Trash has been in place since before the school’s holiday break. The pictures were taken on Sunday, Jan. 18. 

What has been removed has been picked up by neighborhood volunteers or carried into storm drains by rainwater. This is not a new problem, and we have offered resources and educational opportunities to address it. Now we’d just like to agree upon a solution, and here’s one that would at least be way better than nothing:

Have one maintenance person in a golf cart with a trash picker (we have provided several, along with trash bags) spend one hour per week policing the three parking lots on Friday afternoon when most of the cars have left.

When Murphy students and staff leave at the end of the week, this is what the neighborhood gets to enjoy when they entertain visitors over the weekend. The Carlen Street parking lot is equally degraded. As the city of Mobile enforces a new litter ordinance, this historic facility escapes city jurisdiction and enforcement.

Why will the Mobile County Public School System not do what is right? One man-hour per week. We will continue to police the perimeter sidewalks and storm drains daily (at approximately 40 minutes per day) because we care about our neighborhood and its receiving waters and we walk the path every day. 

Our request is reasonable. The current situation is not. If this was your neighborhood, the situation would have already been addressed.

Tom Herder