To the editor:

In reference to your good article in the current issue of Lagniappe (Hidden Agenda, 3/20/14) I remember well this terminal being built. It seems to me that it was during Dow administration and was the crown jewel in his “String of Pearls.”

Had he asked anyone familiar with lending about it first, he would have found that you cannot borrow to construct any physical location — store, mall, shopping center, etc. — unless you have a contract to match the proposed payout. Being a salesman at heart, he asked no one, he just did it, figuring it would somehow work. Sort of like his dream of a NASCAR class track in North Prichard.

Carnival looked after Carnival, just as Mobile should have looked after Mobile. The difference is that one is owned by stockholders and the other by politicians — using our money.

Your part about the shooting of the dogs was right personal to me. I don’t see why they had to do it, either. The fact is that the officer was trying to find some criminals and was looking in all the backyards. The answer produced by Internal Affairs may not match your opinion, but that doesn’t make either one wrong, just a difference in point of view. The officer was on the “pointy” end of the stick and probably shot rather than getting bitten by the dogs.

I have owned dogs off and on since I was very small. I am very familiar with Labradors black, brown and yellow, and regard them as the most people friendly dogs I have ever owned or been around.

I was walking up my walkway from my mailbox to my front door, when I heard a dog barking loudly at me. It was a yellow lab, which stopped just short of me, was growling and baring his teeth, with his rump down, in full attack mode. Just in the nick of time his owner, the grandson of a lady across the street and down a couple of doors down, called and he left me.

I called when I got in the house and told the owner that I would really hate to shoot a lab, but I didn’t want the inconvenience of carrying a gun with me when I went out doors. He said: “Why didn’t you offer him a treat?” I told him that the next time he would be hauling the corpse off. 

It was not until about three weeks later that I found that this same dog had attacked her next door neighbor to the tune of a ripped pair of pants and about a dozen stitches in his leg. The owner and his grandmother continued to say that he was a nice gentle dog. Yep, a difference of opinion.

Tom Horst