To the editor:

Excellent article “Easy ideas for making Mobile more attractive to visitors” in the July 17, 2014 edition of Lagniappe. As I have been in other cities like Charleston, Savannah, San Antonio, Austin, Chattanooga, Denver, Seattle, Memphis, and others, I think why can’t Mobile have something unique like these cities, that makes you say “WOW, this is really different and neat. I want to come back here, and recommend this to friends!” 

I know we have the Battleship, Fort Conde and Bellingrath, and once-a-year events, but we could have so much more! And a lot of it, like you said, without costing much money, just brainstorming, which hopefully is what “One Mobile” is going to do, then we have to act on it! 

We need to get the citizens involved, I’m sure there are some great ideas out there that are easy to do, that could be enjoyed by visitors and citizens alike, and make Mobile a place people want to return to and tell their friends about!

Keep the conversation going, maybe have a contest for ideas (other than Fred) and award prizes or recognition, and make people proud of their city, One Mobile!

David Duval