In regard to your Jan. 19 column, “Puttering through purple political purgatory,” if this article was attempted humor it sure was not funny due to the sorry state of totally biased, untrue reporting that dominates the media nowadays. The “golden shower” report has been proven by passport records to be a total pile of BS that is so typical by our irresponsible media.

Mobile and Baldwin counties need accurate reporting because we sure do not get it in the extremely biased Mobile Press-Register. The MPR has to be a poster boy for a nearly worthless waste of precious trees due to their total sellout to the ultra lair, highly corrupt, citizens be damned, what’s in it for me, pay-to-play Democrats. I never understood the MPR’s marketing plan of trying to sell their insanely liberal views to totally Red Baldwin and the conservative newspaper buyers in Mobile County.

I appreciate Lagniappe’s efforts in reporting questionable political deals. Please continue to do this good work and I suggest that you leave what I hope was attempted humor to someone funny.

Charles Kettell
Spanish Fort