Judging from the illogical, emotional and hate-filled reactions of a few of your readers, Jeff Poor must have had an excellent idea in his Dec. 26 column (“Scorched Earth”). Otherwise, why would leftists feel so threatened as to want to silence his ideas?

Jeff Poor is one of my very favorite Lagniappe columnists and I simply skip over the column of any writer I start to read and find I do not like. If I should disagree with ideas, I hope I would present fact-based alternative ideas and not resort to emotionalism and name-calling.

For some unknown reason, leftists always think they are in the majority (or want to convince the rest of us to think that) but I think Lagniappe would be about as popular as the other declining newspapers in Alabama that have made themselves irrelevant if it achieved the goal of becoming a one-sided, leftist ideology newspaper as a few of your readers would apparently prefer.

So keep doing what you are doing and increase your conservative content if you wish, because there is a real market for it. Leftists can read The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Mobile Press-Register and many others. These newspapers are staffed by Democrat operatives masquerading as journalists. There are far fewer objective print options which conservatives would enjoy.

D. Carter,