Help! For once I’m not hungover and need help. Instead, I’m in a food coma. Lagniappe’s Restaurant Week took a toll on me. So many places to eat, so little time. Was it worth it? Of course! But Restaurant Week wasn’t the only thing going on this past week. So grab your fork and get ready to enjoy this smorgasbord of tasty gossip.

Mudbugs and bluegrass
I saw a video of a “Southern seafood boil” for a place in New York, and let’s just say those people had no idea what they were doing. First off, they just boiled everything in plain water, then tossed it in a “Cajun sauce.” Like, come on, everyone knows you gotta add spices to the water. Then it got worse: The people in the video ate their food with freaking gloves on! Yes, they ate with plastic gloves on so their hands wouldn’t get dirty … SMH.

Luckily for us Southern folks we don’t have to deal with imitation “Southern seafood boils,” we get the real deal! This past weekend St. Mary’s showed us the true Southern way with their annual crawfish boil and bluegrass extravaganza. And I am pretty sure there were no gloves worn, besides maybe by the people preparing the food, but definitely not by any eaters!
Just to remind y’all: The weather was beautiful on Saturday and nothing goes with sunny days quite like crawfish and beer. My spy said St. Mary’s event had plenty of both, plus great music! She said Black Irish Texas headlined the event and were great, but The Modern Eldorados, Delta Reign and Fat Man Squeeze were awesome too!

Boozie must admit, this is an especially good crawfish event to attend — you get good bang for your buck and a good concert too!

In other crawfish news
As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, free crawfish at bars is back! While it’s not every bar, like back in the day, I’ll still take it. Bars like O’Daly’s, Haberdasher, Crooked Martini and more are where you can find the goods. Insert happy dance!

That’s not the only crawfish shenanigans. While snacking on some crawfish one afternoon this past weekend, a group of kids, or people younger than me, walked into a bar. They’d been having way more fun than the table of people I was with. One guy had been having maybe a little too much fun because he had to keep resting his head on the table. Then, when he wasn’t resting it on the table, he was sipping his beer. Party on, my friend!

I keep dancing on my own
My Flora-Bama spy was back at the ‘Bama this past weekend. She said the place was packed with spring breakers, bachelor and bachelorette parties! She said the crowd was significantly bigger Saturday night and so was the fun! Her favorite crowd-goer was an older man (60+ years old) wearing a Hawaiian shirt tucked into his shorts, which were pulled up high, dancing! She said this man was swinging around a pole, dancing as if he were a drunk college girl on spring break! Hey, maybe he was on spring break … what I would do to have an adult spring break. Ahh!

My spy said after Flora-Bama everyone headed to Waffle House, like always. My spy was really using her head and called in a to-go order, so when she left the bar her food was ready! Genius? I think so! It’s always good to have smart friends around, especially when it comes to late-night partying.

Fun fact
In case you might be a little clueless like me and a friend, and happened to see a bunch of bass boats in what looked like a funeral procession on Saturday, here is the story.

Pro-Bass fisherman Jimmy Houston is alive and well. What looked like the ultimate bass fisherman funeral procession, sheriffs and all, was actually a police escort for the fisherman to the weigh-in at the Boat Show. I know some of you were worried. Glad I could clear that up for you.

Local celebrity chef Von of Von’s Bistro was spotted with her husband and cute pup cruising around on Dog River enjoying the nice weather. I like the way you spend your Sunday Funday, Von!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ crawfish lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!