Dear Mr. Holbert,

Over the years I have enjoyed reading Lagniappe’s diversified articles, both local and national. There have been some differences of opinion, but that is to be expected and respected. However (you had to know that was coming), when your “journalism” spews forth so many untruths, filled with disdain for a man who is doing only what his office demands, then I have to speak.

Chief Justice Roy Moore has never conducted himself in any manner which would allow you to think of him as the “grand poobah” of the state’s judicial system (Damn the Torpedoes, Feb, 12, 2015). He is fighting for the rights of the state, given to us by the U.S. Constitution from the pens of our forefathers. They knew and feared that the federal government would do just what they are doing: illegally imposing its will on people.

Had you taken the time to read the Constitution as it pertains to the lower federal courts verses the state courts, you would know that Judge Moore is doing exactly this precious document commands, nothing more. Only the nations highest court, the Supreme Court, has the power to overturn any state’s referendum.

The issue of same-sex marriage was settled here by the vote of the people of their state. The final say will come forth from the Supreme Court in a ruling expected sometime this summer. Until then, Judge Moore absolutely has the authority and duty to uphold the vote of the people.

You will probably see the day when Judge Moore will be the same man you bash as the one upholding your right to print your opinions (it is certainly not fair and honest journalism). Nevertheless, you do have the right to print them (that right granted to you by our Constitution).

Some day, some federal judge will attempt to silence your voice and “Wild Bill” Moore will be the one to plead your case. Or, maybe you would prefer the state give up the right to protect yours, think about that!

Claude A. Wyndham