Band: Kopecky
Date: Sunday, May 17 at 5 p.m.
Stage: Salt Life Stage

Nashville’s historic and thriving music scene has provided a launching pad for a multitude of talented acts. Kopecky (formerly Kopecky Family Band) is a collective of Music City musicians who debuted their indie rock masterpiece, “Kids Raising Kids,” on the scene in 2012. Now the group is preparing to release their sophomore effort, “Drug for the Modern Age,” scheduled on the Tuesday after their Hangout appearance.

Nashville’s Kopecky are appearing at Hangout Fest ahead of the release of their sophomore album “Drug For The Modern Age.”

Nashville’s Kopecky are appearing at Hangout Fest ahead of the release of their sophomore album “Drug For The Modern Age.”

The beachside audience will not only experience Kopecky’s new sounds, but will see a demonstration of the band’s instrumental versatility. A festival is arguably the optimal environment for catching a band like Kopecky live, and Kelsey Kopecky (bass/keyboard/vocals) elaborated on the festival effect as well as the new album.

Centanni: Festivals seem like Kopecky’s ideal environment.

Kopecky: I have to say, festivals are my favorite environment, because of the type of audience. A festival-goer is a unique type of human. They’re up for being sweaty or staying in a tent or being dirty or being around people different from them. Festival-goers are up for anything. It creates this super-free experience where we’re all experiencing this one day that’s happening this one year, and we’re all in it together. It’s just awesome. There’s nothing like the festival experience. There’s no one judging you. You’re all just experiencing this one day together.

Centanni: Shortly after Hangout Fest, you guys will be releasing “Drug for the Modern Age.” How does it feel to get it out?

Kopecky: We are so excited. It’s been a minute since we released “Kids Raising Kids.” This is an album that we took a lot of time on. We really took time deciding what sound we’re going for and what we’re trying to say and what are the songs going to be about. It was the first time that we were making a record at our home in Nashville. It was also the first time that we were off the road long enough to make an album.

We’re just super excited at the way the album turned out. We’ve been touring for the past month, on and off. It’s just been really inspiring to play the new songs for an audience and take the music that we created in a studio to the world. It’s very exciting to be on the brink of releasing this album. We’re pumped.

Centanni: What’s the story behind the album title?

Kopecky: Gabe (Simon) was trying to think of the most ridiculous way to think about the love he has for his wife. So, he had this voice memo of him talking about her being a drug for the modern age. We took that concept, and we were like, “Wow! What a cool thing!”

Everybody in modern times has some sort of drug. It can be something positive like love for God or love for family and community. Maybe it’s an addiction to alcohol or drugs or pills or technology. There’s all kinds of addictions we’re fighting today. One song compares being addicted to alcohol and like a tide, it keeps pulling you back in. There’s a song called “Thrill of Passion,” and it’s about an addiction to this temptation to be unfaithful. There’s all kinds of things on this album, but they’re all set in this really happy, grooving, forward-moving album. It’s deep topics but presented to be very palatable.

Centanni: You guys have one of the most memorable live shows. What can the crowd expect from your Hangout Fest set?

Kopecky: Definitely a lot of energy. We’re all passing around the bass guitar and passing around other guitars and instruments and switching out keyboards and vocal parts. We’re really excited for Hangout. It’s a festival that we’ve wanted to play forever. I think that every festival should be on the ocean. You’re in your swimsuit and can jump in, and you have the breeze. It sounds really ideal. We’ve just been pumping up getting ready to play this set, and it’s going to be special.