Kickoff the 2016 football season with the new issue of Lagniappe, where we examine the impact of a recent University of South Alabama study concluding that building an on-campus football stadium is “feasible.” Despite funding hurdles, an independent group of researchers determined the campus could support a stadium for the university’s 8-year-old football program, one seating around 25,000 and costing upwards of $100 million. We compare that to similarly sized stadiums recently built at Tulane University and Alabama State University. In Bay Briefs, the Mobile County Commission isn’t too pleased about a sudden city of Mobile proposal to pull emergency responders from certain areas beyond the city’s limits. We also dig into the Mobile Housing Board’s vacancy reduction program, which was recently cited as defective in a federal audit. Our commentary this week includes musings on the city’s recent enforcement of the “cruising ordinance” and the effects of the aforementioned police jurisdiction debate. Arts remembers stalwart Lars Britt, music previews a Southern Rambler benefit show featuring Shawn Mullins and cuisine tells you a thing or two you can do with all that fresh okra lying around this time of year. Sports has a preview of collegiate soccer, the Real Deal reports a host of recent real estate transactions and film reviews the poignant performances in “Captain Fantastic,” currently playing at the Crescent Theater. Boozie has the scoop on Girls of Fall and some shenanigans in MiMo. Headed to Beer Fest this weekend? Pick up the latest issue of Lagniappe for music and events listings and make a day of it! We’re online and on stands now!