If it’s not raining, it’s pouring pollen. This has been a soggy and allergy-abusing spring thus far. But you guys have been throwing on your rain boots and taking your Claritins because despite this stuff falling from the sky, you have all been out and about in full force misbehaving. And in the immortal words of Dido, I-I-I-I want to thank you for giving me the best gossip of my life. I think she said something like that anyway.
Let’s get to it!

Lagniappe Launches Weekly; goes “overboard”

The Lagniappe crew celebrated the launch of their first weekly publication on the deck of the USS Alabama on Thursday, April 3. It was an absolutely amazing venue and the perfect place to mark this momentous occasion for the almost 12-year-old paper. We were actually surprised how many native Mobilians said it was their first time to be on the historic ship.

While no one went overboard in the literal sense, most of the staff did in other ways… if you get my drift. Let’s just say everyone had a really good time. I mean, really good. Did I mention everyone had a really, really good time?

Before things got too sloppy (towards the end of the night), folks were seen chatting with Mayor Sandy Stimpson, along with chief of staff Colby Cooper and communications director George Talbot, as well as Councilman Levon Manzie. WPMI’s Kelly Jones and Darwin Singleton were spotted, as was a WKRG news crew, GM Mark Bunting and news director Mike Rausch. The head honchos at FOX 10 also made an appearance, including their new news director, Scott Flannigan. The talented Kyle and Karl provided the tunes for the whole “crew.” (Man, there really are lots of nautical references.)

Chef Rob & Co provided the tasty vittles, and I am told the meatballs and the potatoes were absolutely fabulous. One person admitted to eating about 14 of the tasty balls. Yum!

Anyway, though there were some poor decisions made at the end of the evening by some of the Lagniappers (yes, I heard about the flashing of “granny panties” on Dauphin Street and other interesting post-party activities – you all know who you are and some of you remember what you did), one decision we know was right is bringing you all a lot more of this rag, including this oh-so-tasty gossip. And I thought it was going to be hard to get enough of it every week? Not in Mobile. As we like to say at the office, Mobile always provides a good story.

Of big hair and colored cumberbunds

The same night as the launch party, the Mobile Arts Council hosted their “1984 Prom Night” at the Temple downtown. My spies said it was great fun with lots of slow dancing and no teachers to break the lovebirds up. A great DJ and great costumes…some dressed as ‘80s rockers or other infamous ‘80s styles, while others wore ‘80s prom attire.

“Wanda Sullivan looked particularly fetching, and Sydney Betbeze had her hair in ‘80s coiffure and wore her sister’s prom dress from 1985. All I can fit in from back then are my earrings,” my spy confessed. Me too!

Angelica Zamudio and Jamie Franco-Zamudio were crowned “Prom Royalty.”

A Safari in WeMo?

My spies kept reporting they were seeing their friends posting pics on Facebook of themselves dressed in safari attire at some event called “Praisin’ in the Sun.” One such spy said she thought perhaps it was a religious or church event until she noticed exactly which Facebook friends were posting about it and then she knew that couldn’t be the case.

Boozie had no idea, until finally I found a spy who was actually there and said it was “the best party ever.”

“A house in West Mobile was transformed into a safari resort Saturday afternoon, and it was a party for the ages. EVERY detail was thought out and executed in fabulous style. It was called “Praisin’ in the Wild 2014,” the fourth such fete put on by Kenny Dumas and Terry Aucoin. Hunters, huntresses, Tarzans (one with a leaf placed strategically) and Janes (one with a snake placed strategically) ran around with other people dressed in leopard prints and khakis. 

A gospel choir entertained, along with music from a Baldwin County lady who was on “The Voice” (Sorry, the spies don’t get all the info some times – Shawna P perhaps?). There was LOTS of dancing, getting acquainted, food and drinks of every flavor. Shuttles to transport the guests driven by safari-clad guys …it really was amazing,” the spy gushed.

Crawfish, Bluegrass and Precipitation Extravaganza

The Knights of Columbus held their Crawfish and Bluegrass Extravaganza at St. Mary’s on Saturday, April 5. The threat of rain could not keep the crowds away for this great cause. Kids ran around like crazy, as adults munched on mudbugs.

The music was rockin’ with full sets by Phil and Walon and Drunker Shade of Green. Our very own cuisine editor Andy MacDonald’s band Fat Man Squeeze got going, but the Heavens opened up in the middle of their set – a baptism of sorts. As they ran off the stage with their equipment, all of the attendees elbowed their way under the tents trying to find a dry place. Kids were pulling the plastic tablecloths off and using them for cover. The rain did not dampen spirits though, as everyone still had a great time.

Well kids, that’s all I got for you this week. Still have to get used to saying that! Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ WeMo safari lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!