Venues or bands wanting shows included in Lagniappe’s calendar of events should send the information to

Any questions having to do with the calendar of events should be directed to THE MUSIC EDITOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS.*********

Bands and venues should send all coverage to Music Editor Steve Centanni at Please keep in mind a few things when sending a coverage request.

• Coverage is not guaranteed.

• Deadline for the following week’s issue is each Thursday with the exception of a scarce few early deadlines due to holidays.

• Any music related emails sent to other staff members, editors or publishers will be forwarded to the music editor and nothing more. Sending emails to everyone on the Lagniappe staff will not guarantee that your show will get any more attention than others.

• Please try to send show information at least two weeks in advance. Even though the Mobile Bay area is his primary focus, the music editor receives many emails each day from bands, publicists and venues from all over the United States. He tries to be as attentive as possible to ones pertaining to the Mobile Bay area. With this in mind, please feel free to send a follow-up email. Keep in mind that just because an email does not receive a reply from the music editor does not mean that it was not seen or considered. Once again, remember that coverage is not guaranteed.

• Please include date, lineup, performance time, cover/ticket price and venue in your request for coverage. Please include links to original music from as many bands on the lineup as possible. The music editor is not expecting every band to provide an extensive, high-quality, but is looking for original music samples to build the preview/feature. These original samples could range from DIY recordings in a bedroom to YouTube videos.

• Please ensure the lineup and/or bio in submitted press kits or electronic press kits is accurate, current and complete. Bands with one-sentence bios and a lineup exclusively consisting of first names and nothing more tend to get passed to the side in favor of bands which include a lineup that features full names with instruments and bios profiling the current state of the band. PRESS KITS AND ESPECIALLY ELECTRONIC PRESS KITS ARE A PLUS.

• Please include a high-definition band press photo (no logos) that the band has permission from the photographer to use. If the photo is from a live performance, please include written permission from the photographer for Lagniappe to run the photo, or proof the band owns the copyright and grants permission.

• While several venues in the Mobile Bay Area are consistent with notifying the music editor of upcoming shows, many are not. Venues should strive to at least keep their online calendars or Facebook events up to date. Even though venues might not be emailing the music editor their events, he is looking at their online resources.