Ugh, the time change. I mean, it’s perfect for when I start waking up early to exercise. The sun is up but I have yet to get up. My biggest thing is I hate leaving work in the dark, I feel like I have to get home and go straight to bed. Surely I’m not the only one? Plus, it’s 2017 — why are we still doing this?

Fourth time’s a charm
Lagniappe loves to compete in the Media Olympics at the Greater Gulf State Fair every year. What could be more fun than competing against other media outlets for who’s best? I mean, obviously we all know Lagniappe is the best, but we were out to prove we are also the best at fair events!

In past years, Lagniappe has placed third, second and then last year did the opposite, so we went into this year with a “let’s have fun attitude, win or lose.”

The first round was the eating contest. Contestants had three minutes to eat as many corn dogs as they could. Reporter Dale Liesch volunteered early on and admitted he loved corn dogs and could win, no problem. Lagniappe’s other team member made no such promises.

Before the competition started, one competitor was telling everyone to take note. She covered the corn dogs in mustard and took them down. Dale gave her a run for her money and tied in first place with four corn dogs eaten! At one point we thought Dale was going to spew corn dog onto the crowd, but he claims he had to cough. But that cough scared everyone watching from the front row.

The next event was the tractor pull — kid-sized bikes with weights attached. The point was to go as far as you could before the weight made you stop. Ad reps Brooke and Beth stepped up to the plate! Brooke made it 25 feet and Beth made it 20 feet, tying us for first and second place! This year was shaping up to be a better year already.

The third round was a Midway game, the “ladder game.” Ad reps Aleen and Rachel were up! The carny gave a demonstration that made it seem as easy as one, two, three. But that turned out not to be the case, as she admitted to being part cat, but Aleen tied for first and Rachel tied for second! Lagniappe was looking really good going into the final round.

The last round was “bumper cars capture the flag.” Each bumper had a ribbon tied to it and anyone left with a ribbon was considered a winner. Rob ended the game with one ribbon, tying for first place!

After some quick math, we realized Lagniappe won the Media Olympics! The fourth year was our year, we finally brought home the gold and $500 for St. Jude!

Shell yeah
Once again the Hangout Oyster Cook-Off was a success!

Lovers of beer took to the The Hangout on Friday night for the craft beer festival. It was a lively crowd and Boozie is guessing the beer had something to do with that!

My spy said Anderson East was great and played some interesting covers. He doesn’t remember the songs, thanks to the beer, but does remember thinking it was an interesting choice of songs for a beer festival.

My spy said he doesn’t normally like IPAs but his favorite beer of the 20-plus he tasted was Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood IPA. Meanwhile my other spy was on a quest for darker beers and eventually found her favorite, Vanillaphant porter from Avondale brewing.

My spy also observed an altercation. He said this big, tall guy and a smaller guy were arguing about something, when suddenly the smaller guy ran off. His friends went over and calmed the guy down, calmed him down so much so he was laughing. The smaller guy returned and asked “Did you talk that guy out of kicking my a**?” Beer and disagreements don’t mix well.

The Oyster Cook-Off did not disappoint! I mean, oysters from all over the country, how could it not be good?! Of course again this year Murder Point oysters were popular but a few others were making waves.

First up was the corn dog oyster — battered in cornmeal, fried and topped with a spicy mustard; a big twist but a great taste! Not a favorite among LSU fans, ha! Another favorite was an oyster with cheese grits and peppers — Food Network might be onto something!

Boozie was told another popular oyster was The Noble South’s Oysters Colla-feller — I’m talking collard greens, tabasco caviar, dark roux and collard-green powder, yum!

I also heard great things about Kitchen on George’s and the OK Bike Shop’s. The Bike Shop took home several of the awards, including Best Cajun and Best Overall. Way to represent Mob-town, y’all! We do know our oysters!

Bourbon quest
Bourbon and Sunday go hand in hand and that’s what happened this past weekend at Bourbon by the Bay at GulfQuest. It was a smaller crowd but that didn’t make a difference, everyone was raving over the food and the bourbon.

Foodwise, they had loaded mashed potatoes, BBQ, miniature desserts and lots of bread. Let’s just say that bread was needed to absorb some of the alcohol. My spy said it was hard not to get drunk. Guests were given six tokens, each of which were good for a tasting. My spy ran into a friend who didn’t care too much for bourbon so she handed off two of her tokens, so it came as no surprise when my spy reported Monday that they had a slight headache.

My other spy reported she had to climb over the train to get to the party — dangerous, she knows, but like any friend of Boozie’s she wasn’t about to miss a party because of something in her way. After all that, she said she needed a drink but the first bourbon she tried ruined it for her. It was 117 proof and she said it burned so much she missed the hints of vanilla and whatever else she was supposed to taste. After that she stuck to wine and simply hearing about the different bourbons. What a wimp!

My spy also said the one of the highlights of the night was Pappy Van Winkle raffle. We hear the winner was quite surprised and thrilled. But with such a special bottle, whatever will they do with it? Boozie is always available to help!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ fair lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!