Muhahahahahahaha! Happy Halloween my little gossip-loving ghouls and goblins. Have you gotten your costume figured out yet? I hear Ebola- and Ray Rice-themed ones have been popular thus far, though maybe not the most tasteful of choices.

Deadly diseases and domestic violence can really put a damper on things. Anyway, before we get to all the tricking and/or treating, we have some other business to attend to first, so let’s get on it!

You gotta Lovett!

Last Tuesday night, Lyle Lovett played to a packed crowd at the Saenger Theatre. It was good to see the beautiful theater back alive and kicking. Restaurants were packed and Dauphin Street was buzzing like you have never seen it on a Tuesday night. Kudos to the new management for bringing it and downtown back to life in more ways than one.

Lovett has been here before and always puts on a great show. It’s almost like half comedy routine and half amazing musical performance. The loyalty of his fans was obvious, including one fan in particular, who we will call “The Cowboy.”

We are calling “The Cowboy” this because he was sporting a gigantic cowboy hat, which he did not take off, prompting one local lady who was sitting behind him to ask him to remove it so she could see the stage. He kindly obliged.

He had one favorite tune he wanted Lovett to play and he kept shouting the title after every song. Eventually Lovett made Cowboy’s dream come true and played his song, which was one written by Guy Clark. The tough looking Cowboy was moved to tears and brought his big hankie to dry them. It was quite touching to see, according to my spies.

There were a couple of “Roll Tides” shouted out, but some seemed to think it was done ironically. We’ll just go with that.

All and all, a fantastic night of music in the Port City!

Lagniappers take home the Bronze in Media Olympics

Andy Mac Boozie

The Greater Gulf Sate Fair got started last weekend and I am told the changes they have made to the event have been quite impressive. They have sharks and sea horses out there. I’m talking real ones! Not stuffed ones you try to win as some sort of prize.

On Monday night, Oct. 27, they had groups from local media organizations compete in their “Media Olympics.” Our intrepid Lagniappe crew ventured out to participate in such categories as cow washing, sand castle building, doughnut eating, as well as endurance testing on the scariest rides.

The Lagniappers did not fare so well in the cow washing contest, claiming their cow was not nice and there was a “butt cleaning” component one staffer was not comfortable with. However, cuisine editor Andy MacDonald came in first in the doughnut-eating contest, polishing off two dozen doughnuts. MacDonald’s win, though impressive, was not enough to take them over the top, as they came in third overall. Our friends over at Mobile Bay Monthly came in first, receiving $500 to donate for their favorite charity.

But watch out next year! The powers–that-be at Lagniappe have said they will have the staff in training for the next fair. Go wash those cows, kids! Get that butt real clean! Yeehaw!

The Great Invisible

Mobile native and filmmaker Margaret Brown was on “Last Call with Carson Daly” on Monday night Oct. 27, talking about her new documentary on the BP oil spill called “The Great Invisible.” Brown has made films on Townes Van Zandt (“Be Here to Love Me”) as well as the segregation of Mobile’s Mardi Gras (“The Order of Myths”).

There is a local screening planned at the Saneger Theatre for Nov. 20. Look for details in upcoming issues about this important film.


I hail from the Planet Vulcan

We received our first round of photos from Halloween costumes, and I just had to share our very own arts editor Kevin Lee’s Spock costume. He is accompanied by his fellow traveler on The Enterprise and lovely bride, Mary Ellen. I think this is a really good look for Mr. and Mrs. Klee.

Well kids, that’s all I got this go round. I will have the scoop on all the best (and worst) Halloween costumes and shenanigans next time. So just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ cow butt cleaning lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!