Y’all, this weather. It is time for it to go, I don’t have the proper clothes for these conditions. Almost every day I have to layer sweater, vest then a jacket, which then gives me some an added-weight look and that’s not cute. At first I didn’t mind the weather but now I can’t wait for some spring days where the sun shines and it’s a cool 70 degrees. Ahh, a girl can dream.

All I ask is that Mother Nature warms up a little for Mardi Gras, nothing is worse than a moonpie hitting frozen hands! But if she doesn’t fulfill my request, at least we know we can still have fun like we did this past weekend. So bundle up and enjoy!

Send king cake … and the new flag!
We are so close to Mardi Gras I can taste it! And I am sooo looking forward to this year! For starters, Lagniappe is in their new office, so that means we employees get free parking and access to clean restrooms just within spitting distance of the parade route, out either door. And since we are new to the area, we will be accepting king cakes as our “welcome to the neighborhood” gift.

Another reason I am excited is because a new Mobile Mardi Gras flag is out! Since the old one is out of production, a group of folks put their heads together and came up with a new design!

“The design is intended to represent all entities and organizations associated with Mardi Gras in Mobile and serve as a symbol to promote the annual Carnival celebration,” said the designers of the new flag. “The design is the result of months of meetings, conversations and focus-group testing amongst numerous members of parading organizations, marching clubs, Mystic Societies, and civic and municipal leadership. After listening to feedback from Mardi Gras and civic stakeholders, we were able to complete a design that symbolizes both Mardi Gras and Mobile’s rightful place as the founder of Carnival in the United States.”

Boozie will say that they did a great job and I love how clean the design is! I can’t wait to get the flag, which will be in stores soon. Maybe there will even be some other merchandise, *cough* I want a white T-shirt with the logo *cough*. I know the stickers are already available but be on the lookout for the flag! Just so you’re in the know, the flag is only purple and yellow, green was adopted by New Orleans and considered a “modern innovation.”

Let the parades begin!
As you probably already know, the Boom Boom started this past weekend at Dauphin Island and round two will be happening again this weekend. So if you are like me and decided that going to more parades as your New Year’s resolution, you aren’t too late!

My Dauphin Island spy said the first parade of the Carnival season did not disappoint. What sets the Dauphin Island parades apart from Mobile’s parades are that people park along the parade route and party all day, bringing grills, ice chests and anything else you could need, essentially tailgating the parade. That’s my kind of event! But anyways my spy said that even though it was chilly there was still a good crowd. Bradley Byrne and his wife were special guests of the parade — they rode in a yellow sports car. Uncle Henry was also in the lineup.

While the good times rolled at Dauphin Island, back on the mainland Mobile was gearing up for its first balls of the season! Etruscans took over the Civic Center and it was quite the to do, with the theme “Party Like a Rockstar,” Members dressed as rock stars from every decade, and from what I’ve been told partied like them to an extent!

Etruscans weren’t the only ones balling! Down the road at the Athelstan Club, Domino Double Rush was having a fun-filled night as well. Members of the Mardi Gras court second lined to the Athelstan Club, and leading the way were the Griffith twins. The ladies were dressed as show girls and looked amazing. My spy said the costumes were so perfect and a lot of fun, they definitely set the bar high! They both wore huge headdresses (one in blue and the other in pink) that really made the outfits!

After a more relaxing weekend, I can say I am more than ready to revel! So get your livers ready, the Boom Boom is (pretty much) here!

If a new Mardi Gras flag, king cakes, parades and balls weren’t enough to get you in the spirit, then let’s add in the second annual Secondliner Festival! This past Saturday in Cathedral Square was Mobile Secondliner Fest. The group paraded around downtown with the Indians from New Orleans and got the party started.

The event was well attended and made for a fun Saturday afternoon. The bands played Mardi Gras favorites, which had everyone dancing around as if they were at a parade. I loved the enthusiasm and costumes. A Mardi Gras-colored umbrella might be the way to my heart, along with king cake, of course, but one thing I don’t care for is the whistles. Maybe they remind me too much of gym class, but I feel they take away from the band. But hey, it doesn’t stop that much, I still love to see them perform!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just plain ol’ Boom Boom lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!