It’s Hangout Fest Weekend and it’s time for Boozie and her spies to mosey on down to the beach to catch all of the sand-encrusted shenanigans. And there will no doubt be plenty of those. Boozie has always been a sand magnet, rather than a man magnet (sadly), but I have always found that helpful for beach gossip gathering. I’m like a beach chameleon. Stealth, baby, stealth!

But before we get to all that craziness, we have to attend to last week’s scoop, and there is plenty of it, including some from Hollywood, so let’s get to it. Better grab a shovel. Not a big one. One of those little beach toy ones.

Ready? OK.

Leaking of “Tokarev” causes “Rage” for Cage

We were all going nuts last summer when Nicolas Cage was in town filming the highly anticipated — at least around these parts — Russian mob film “Tokarev,” which was originally set to be released in theaters later this year. Well apparently it was released in Europe and some bozo put the entire film on YouTube. Don’t break your necks trying to see it there, because it will be released on On Demand and through streaming services soon, under the new name “Rage.”

I am told the city looks fabulous, with shots of the convention center, Magnolia Cemetery, The History Museum of Mobile, which played the part of a school and I am told deserves an Oscar nom for its convincing performance, and everyone’s favorite watering hole, The Garage, which plays the role of an Irish pub.

And many locals get some screen time as well, including our own Lagniappers, photographer Dan Anderson and arts editor Kevin Lee who play the role of what else but a photographer (Dan) and a camera man (Kevin), which was a little more of a stretch for Kevin. If you squint really hard, you can see editor Ashley Trice in the background of the “press conference” where the mayor (played by former Sam Jones chief of staff Al Stokes) is being presented a charitable donation by Cage’s character. Cage said he was going to donate money to “education and medical.” Ummmm, “medical?” Don’t ad lib Nic.

We are hearing there still may be a local screening at The Crescent, which would be so much fun, and possibly a limited release in theaters. We sure hope so.

Burgers and borscht?

Speaking of Russia, it seems one local restaurant has been asked to open a sister location in an interesting locale.

When you’re in the restaurant biz as long as our buddy David Rasp (of Heroes and Royal Scam fame) has been — 15 years and counting — you’re likely to get a few strange requests. But this may have been the topper. 

Last week Rasp received some email feedback from a customer who would like to help expand the Heroes brand outside the greater Mobile area.

“Hi! I’m from Russia. I’ve got amazing idea. Can we open The heroes bar& grill in Yekaternburg, Russia? So if yes, mail me please, and may be my small american dream come true…” the would-be business partner named Illya wrote. 

For his part Rasp sounds excited. The city may be best known as the place where Czar Nicholas II and his family were executed in 1918 by Bolsheviks, but perhaps the first international Heroes could put a new shine on things. A delicious Heroes burger might also be just what’s needed to calm some of the tensions of late.

“Yes! I’m very big in Russia. We’re ‘Putin a Heroes near YOU, Comrade!” Rasp said of the request. 

A little Clipper sauce and Vladimir will probably be as pleasant as an ex-KGB assassin can be. 


Under the handle Pitt Trippman, strangely close to state senator Tripp Pittman, someone has been Tweeting some rather interesting musings of late. Could this be the real Tripp Pittman just having a little fun, or a Twitter imposter posing as the BaCo politico? Boozie isn’t sure but has been amused by some of the latest tweets, including:

“Poseidon Adventure was an awesome movie.”

“How do we know super-storms and flooding aren’t increasing because of Poseidon?”

“Global warming is the kind of thing that people make up to fit in at Hollywood parties. We don’t make policy based on that.”

“Who knew so many people would get upset about the fake science of global warming? I don’t complain about the physics of Star Wars.”

“Some times I just look out at the ocean, so big and unknowable, and wonder what Aquaman is up to.”

“You know what’s a great song? That one where the guy warns you not to mess with his toot toot.”

Indeed, Pitt Trippman. Indeed.

Happy Birthday to you

Boozie wishes Ms. Venus a very happy belated birthday. (Of course, we would never reveal a lady’s age!). Venus, who has won “Best Drag Queen Performer” in every Nappie Awards contest since it has been a category, tells Boozie the documentary on her is still in the works, so stay tuned. In the mean time, you can wish her a happy birthday yourself during her regular show at B-Bob’s.

Nappie Nuptials

We, at Lagniappe World Headquarters, would all like to extend a big congrats to reporter Dale Liesch, who tied the knot on May 10 to lovely bride Hillary. We hear Dale may have screwed up a little on the first dance, and may never live it down, but in spite of his left feet, we wish the happy newlyweds all the best!

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Remember to grab your sunscreen and weenie bikini (heavy on the weenie, light on the bikini) and head on down to Hangout Fest.

And remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Twitter lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!