Regarding your column “Writing is on the wall … ” (Hidden Agenda by Ashley Trice, July 25), your USA stadium conclusion will be the outcome of a political hotball and the USA location will be Mobile’s future. The city and county cannot afford multiple stadiums seldom or sparsely used.

Prior to relocating to Mobile I had the experience of living in Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and Tuscaloosa. I subscribed to the Washington Post, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Dallas Morning News and I remain impressed with the pragmatic writings by the Lagniappe staff. However, your job has just touched the pinnacle of these issues.

I was at Denny Stadium when Bryant arrived as a Cub Scout. I saw that stadium’s expansions until present. And I observed how The University of Alabama tried to attract basketball attendance with food courts at Coleman Coliseum.

My point is that Mobile could learn from these cities’ mistakes. The issues are the same in any municipality — traffic, pollution, stadiums and lack of money. For Mobile, I would adamantly add recycling, which is a very shocking absence, and the proposed I-10 bridge.

Mobile should focus upon its development opportunities and quit chanting about parks and narrow-minded, shortsighted improvements.

How can the city and county make the most of federal matching funds and progress our bridges and railroads? These are federal routes, not just state.

And Gov. Kay Ivey should be voted out for losing those federal funds for our railroad, which parallels U.S. Route 90 from Jacksonville to Los Angeles.

The Amtrak route from Jacksonville to New Orleans was closed due to the federal rail bridges being washed out. If our politicians want to patronize Mobile they need to tell us how they can help us solve our issues through our lovely federal government. You can bet Chicago, Detroit and New York City all milk the heck out of our feds.

With the rain in Mobile, perhaps Dog River will always remain polluted. But Mobile could be a “bayou county” if it had clean tributaries. What would San Antonio be with a polluted waterway? Chicago cleaned up its river and is a tourist attraction. Atlanta has the Chattahoochee, which has trout released.

Schools will remain a concern as long as we have disinterested, unmotivated parents. Neither teachers nor money will solve this issue — ever.

Colby Menning