My name is John Shuford, and I am a Boy Scout from Troop 3 in Mobile. I am writing to you regarding the Lagniappe article titled “Local sheriffs support jail feeding funds reform” (April 18).

It is my understanding from the article that some of the money allocated to the sheriffs by the state and federal government for feeding prisoners is being set aside for their personal use.

It is my opinion that the money for feeding prisoners should be managed by the county, and not personally by the sheriffs. This is taxpayer money set aside for a specific purpose, and it should be used for that purpose instead of going into a sheriff’s pocket.

If the prisoner feeding fund is managed by the county instead of the sheriff, the money is much more likely to be spent for its intended use.

As citizens, we are responsible for the well-being of the prisoners, and if money set aside for their care is being pocketed by the sheriffs, it undermines the system. I believe we should change the laws of Alabama to prevent this from continuing to happen.

John Shuford