It’s time to kiss the New Year’s resolution of trying to lose weight goodbye. Why is that, you ask? Well, Carnival season is here, that’s why! You can’t keep up a diet during Mardi Gras, and if you can you must teach me how! Right now I am on a strict King Cake-only diet. I’ll add some MoonPies to mix things up this weekend.

Yep, that’s right. The first parade rolls this Saturday on Dauphin Island, then there’s no stopping us!

I mean, seriously, if this past weekend’s weather didn’t stop us from partying – and it didn’t – nothing can!

I’m ready for MoonPies to fall from the skies, beads in my hands and marching bands. And of course, all the beer and Mardi Gras cheer! But first, this past week’s gossip!

I’m gonna be somebody
The Steeple is becoming a very hot spot! If it isn’t hosting a wedding, it has some pretty big names in the music industry playing there, and this past weekend there were both! Country singer Travis Tritt performed Friday night, and then Saturday night there was a wedding. While I don’t know who got married, I do know more on Tritt.

First off, my spy said the concert was so much fun! She said he played all of his popular songs, including her favorite, “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive.” She said the best part of the night was how intimate the concert was — like he was playing just for them. The worst part of her night: the couple in front of her being intimate. Guess they forgot they weren’t at home. Oh well. You just can’t stop that lovin’ feelin’ some time.

I also had a diehard Alabama fan spy at the concert. I mean, go figure, right? Anyway, that spy spotted former Alabama quarterback Jake Coker! He was even nice enough to stop to take a picture with them. Rolll Tide! No word on if anyone screamed that during the concert.

All in all, it sounds like a good night. Boozie can’t wait to see what other folks will perform at The Steeple.

EpiPen not included
It’s that time of year again (besides Mardi Gras), when all the senior football players head to Mobile for Senior Bowl! There are events scheduled throughout the week, but Boozie’s favorite night is the invitation-only Meet the Players, which was on Monday night.

I must admit I did not go to “meet the players,” but to meet the Reese’s dessert bar. Those who know me, know Reese’s are my jam! If you are allergic to peanuts then this was not the party for you. They had peanut butter cookies with Reese’s Pieces, peanut butter and chocolate cake, brownies with peanuts, these little cookies-type things with a miniature Reese’s on top, Reese’s snack mix and then the chicken even had a peanut glaze on it.

Well, unfortunately my sidekick said it was not acceptable to shove as many Reese’s in my purse as I could, so I figured it was time be there for the same reason everyone else was there, the players. Like always, the Southern schools’ players drew the most attention. I’m sure if the Senior Bowl was held up North, everyone would flock to the Northern players. But it is in the South, so the players grabbing the most attention were Alabama and Auburn players, and even a few LSU guys.

Once the players paraded through the room, a few cut loose and started dancing. One guy jumped up on the stage and started dancing with the band, and playing the bongos with orange pom poms. Others danced with the Reese’s mascot and new friends. I swear they were doing the electric slide at one point! I don’t know if that was brought back as “new” type of dance or what.

Boozie also spotted some famous (and one infamous) locals — Bob Grip, Sheriff Sam Cochran, Steve Nodine and, of course, Mayor Sandy Stimpson. Not a bad Monday — bring on the rest of the Senior Bowl events!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Reese’s lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!