I think my garage probably needs a new roof. I haven’t gotten any estimates yet. Maybe it can just be patched. Maybe the whole thing needs to be replaced. It’s definitely got some issues, but is getting the job done for the most part. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a problem, and we need to do something about it eventually. But there are just so many other things around the house I find a bit more pressing that I want to spend my money on first.

And that is basically how I feel about this whole border fiasco. It’s just not high on my priority list.

Yes, border security certainly needs to be addressed, but I promise you there are many, many, many other places I would rather see my tax dollars go first. And I certainly don’t want anyone not getting their paycheck over this nonemergency “national emergency.”

This is all just so dumb. And it’s just such a manufactured “crisis.” I can’t believe part of our government is actually shut down over this. It’s ridiculous.

Our country is not about to be invaded by thousands of MS-13 gang members and/or terrorists who are going to murder us in the streets, as some would have us believe, which would actually be a national emergency. There is absolutely zero evidence to support this. Our own State Department has refuted these claims.

This is just something to keep us yelling at each other. And make no mistake, the politicians absolutely love this.

Because they realize this is the perfect way to build an even bigger wall between us. Do you really think they stay up at night thinking about dudes crossing the Rio Grande and/or how walls or drones could address this “crisis”? Or do you think they are staring at the ceiling in the darkness crafting zingers they can use against Pelosi or Trump so they can get re-elected or move from the House to the Senate in 2020?

I promise you it ain’t the first thing. Visions of bigger offices and nicer suits are dancing in their heads, not this. And sadly a lot of folks fall for it. We live in a time where people have decided to just pick a team, and they are going to blindly cheer for their side no matter what — even if the play calling is as bad as, say, “faking” a field goal in a National Championship game.

And it’s just sad because I think Republicans and Democrats largely agree the system is broken and needs to be fixed. We just have different ideas on how to do it. They probably could easily come together and use a variety of methods both sides have advocated to address this, but it’s become too much of a political football now. But a $5 billion wall from sea to shining sea is not a legitimate way to solve this problem — it’s just a very expensive political statement.

Even Republican politicians in Texas — you know, the folks who actually have to deal with this — have said it’s not necessary and the only thing a wall is good for is the ladder business. If this was such a huge crisis, why on Earth did this not get passed when Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress?

Oh, wait — because this is such a delicious wedge issue for both sides to use to keep us watching our respective cable news networks, hating on each other and voting these clowns back into office term after term. Watching our own politicians engaging in this nonsense and giving credence to it has been bile inducing.

We just need a more thoughtful, reasonable approach to this entire issue, and our federal workers do not need be used as pawns while that very necessary due diligence takes place.

Is that really too much to ask? Certainly we can all agree on this, right?

The other part of that campaign chant was that Mexico was going to pay for this. Apparently that ain’t happening and now everyone seems pretty cavalier about throwing billions of our hard-earned tax dollars at this. Like it’s couch change.

If we are so well off, then let’s address our failing and/or inadequate infrastructure! Let’s give federal grants to high-tech companies to relocate to rural areas that have lost manufacturing jobs that are never coming back, and get people back to work! Let’s finally do something about the VA! Let’s try to make our entire health care system work better, and do something about ridiculously high prescription drug prices!

We have all driven on crumbling, overcrowded interstates. We all know someone who has been laid off or lost their job because their factory or plant closed. We all know veterans who need and deserve better health care. We all know someone struggling to pay for medicine or who can’t afford to get a procedure because their deductible is too high or their insurance won’t cover it.

Have any of us been attacked by MS-13 on the way to Winn-Dixie? Give me a break.

I’m sorry, but real issues that affect real people I know and love are far more important than an imaginary crisis made up for political purposes. Let’s stop this insanity and focus on fixing the actual problems Americans are facing.