First, your column, “Some legacy-building ideas for Stimpson” (Lagniappe, Sept. 14-20), was great. I always enjoy your insights.

Secondly, you touched on something that may be worthy of consideration in a future article.

Under the heading of “The Bridge,” you said, “No one can really argue any longer that we don’t need this bridge. It should have been started at least five years ago.”

Agreed. Maybe 10 years ago.

So here is my observation: What projects do we need to consider NOW in order to have them on track in five years? I was born and raised in Mobile, and I moved back to stay four years ago. I have lived in Chicago, Des Moines and St. Louis. I can confidently say that among Mobile’s biggest problems is our lack of efficient, four- to six-lane roads.

What about a western bypass connecting Interstate 65, the University of Mobile, the University of South Alabama, the airport, and Interstate 10? Four-lane Sage Avenue. Six-lane Cottage Hill Road. And don’t even get me started on Old Shell Road.

The simple addition of right-turn lanes at Cottage Hill and Azalea and a dozen or so other locations would be a quantum improvement.

When a migration of hurricane refugees back to Florida or an accident that shuts down I-65 for several hours can cause traffic in Mobile to come to a virtual standstill, we need a vision NOW that will alleviate this problem for the foreseeable future.

If we are going to be everything else our mayor has told us we are to become, we need a big vision for traffic and transportation. Perhaps a 20-year plan?

David B. Carpenter