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Oakland Raiders Head Coach John Gruden was a spotted around downtown during his week coaching in the Senior Bowl.

Another Senior Bowl is in the books. And now we are dealing with freezing temps one day and warm ones the next. Ahhh, just another January in Mobile!

We have a couple of weeks to rest up before Carnival and my liver could not be more appreciative. But there is no rest for the weary and that includes weary livers. Hmmm. I think I may name my band Weary Liver. (Except I can’t sing or play an instrument, so I probably shouldn’t be in a band!)

Anyway, sit back and relax and enjoy a little scoop of scoop during this pre-Gras respite.

Senior Bowled Over

I don’t know if my spies were just hammered or if there just weren’t as many of the recognizable folks in town, but I only had a few celeb NFL sightings during Senior Bowl Week this year. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were many, many, many large, unidentified men wearing various sports attire with team logos spotted at all the usual spots downtown. We assume (and hope) these people are with teams and not just pretending.

My spies did report a couple of sightings of the well-known folks, like Oakland Raiders Coach John Gruden at Heroes and Callaghan’s.

Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn and Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett were also spotted at Callaghan’s.

This was also sent in by a spy: “We overheard some really cute guys talking about Senior Bowl at Southern National last week, but they were small and in suits, so we are thinking agents.” (Um, OK. Thanks, spies! Not sure how useful this info is but I figured agents may want to at least know how they are profiled.)

Though it seemed like it was going to be freezing on game day, it actually turned out to be gorgeous. I’m not sure how packed the stands were but the tents definitely were. My spies spotted Mayor Sandy Stimpson chatting up folks in the Corporate Tent Village as well as Mobile City Councilman Fred Richardson and former Mayor Sam Jones, who is now a state representative.

The WNSP tent is always a hot spot and that was no exception this year. I mean, when you have chargrilled oysters and kickin’ tunes, you just can’t go wrong.

Though there were all these silly rumors floating around at the end of the week that Senior Bowl may move to Orlando, organizers said that was just not true. So we will see you next year, everyone!

But before we move on, even though it was a rumor, let me hate on this a little bit. I mean, sure, Orlando has Disney World, but they also have a bajillion boring conventions a year. When I think of Orlando I think of Mickey Mouse and a plate of rubber banquet chicken with under-salted mixed vegetables. Orlando just doesn’t have the soul we have here. And the NFL-ers would get lost in the mix there; they are royalty here! Stay where you are loved, Senior Bowl. Because we love you.


A band of merry men wearing gold athletic headbands were seen going bar to bar downtown last Thursday night. These mysterious men were handing out necklaces made of oyster shells to random patrons, according to my spies. No word on why. Just another Thursday night in LoDa, I guess.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ Gruden lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!