As I lay hungover over the couch this past weekend, I came across an article about Beanie Babies’ values. According to the article the “rare,” “vintage” Beanie Babies can really bring home the big bucks.

No worries, Boozie owns quite a few of these “rare” babies. So if next week there is no Boozie Beer Nues it’s because I’ve climbed up in my parents’ attic in search of all those “rare” Beanie Babies that I own and probably died because it was so hot in the attic. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? So get your Boozie fix this week because I am out to fund my retirement at any cost!

Growler opening
Can Midtown get any better? Last week Old Shell Growlers opened for business and Boozie is super pumped! Being a MiMo resident means I can now get good beer close by and walk home if I am, let’s say, “overserved.”

Boozie didn’t make it to the grand opening last weekend but one of my spies went two nights out of three. She reported that both nights the place was slammed, so she just filled her growler and headed home. This must be my lucky week, first a wine store next to work, now a beer shop on my route home. Watch out, Midtown, Boozie is in beverage heaven!

Ready, set, hut!
Senior Bowl’s fabulous ladies night out, “Girls of Fall,” took place at the Mobile Convention Center last Thursday night, Aug. 18, and from all accounts it was once again a huge success. My spies said the turnout was great and the food was especially inspiring for those upcoming tailgate parties. Boozie is more than ready for football, game day dips and beer!

Like last year, Moe’s BBQ provided shots of Maker’s Mark. While my spy was tempted, she figured it best to stay away, but she couldn’t resist the ribs they were also passing out as quickly as the shots.

Boozie’s favorite part was while in a talk about holding and that other stuff, a lady turned to her friend and pointed to the next talk on the program, which was about “healthy tailgating” and just shook her head. Every Southern belle knows tailgating food must contain at least two things: cheddar cheese and cream cheese. And last time Boozie checked, those don’t fall under “healthy.”

MoonPie! MoonPie! MoonPie!
Dreams do come true! Last week it was announced that the MoonPie drop city is getting our very own MoonPie store! That’s right, Chattanooga Bakery is opening a MoonPie General Store in the Trustmark Building. The store should be open before the 12-foot moonpie falls from the sky on New Year’s Eve.

The store is going to carry all kinds of moonpie gear, and Boozie really wants the moonpie hat. As well as other goodies like candy, knick-knacks and, of course, moonpies! It is also rumored it will have a full-service soda fountain.

Boozie is excited for two reasons. One, I love to see downtown grow. The second and most important one is that maybe this means we are one step closer to bringing back the peanut butter and mint moonpies that were discontinued.

Go, girl!
Redbook Magazine named Mobilian LaShoundra Young a winner of the Inspiring Real Women Style Award. LaShoundra was one of only six women of the U.S. to win the award, which results from a nationwide search to celebrate authentic fashion-forward women who are on a budget and are real sizes.

Boozie is glad there is such an award because even sometime “the look for less” can dip into the “I need money for food” budget. LaShoundra is a fashion blogger and style influencer and, not to mention, cute as a button. You can read more about her in the September issue of Redbook or follow her blog Young at Style. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Afternoon delight
Well, to answer my question from earlier, can Midtown get any better? It’s debatable, depending on who you are. Last Thursday, a man posted on NextDoor, a neighborhood app, “Extreme Lewd Behavior behind Winn-Dixie (WARNING! NSFW CONTENT)”. Here is the post …

“So there was a lady laying down on the sidewalk on Macy Place behind Winn-Dixie pleasuring herself at about 4:40 today. She seemed either mentally unstable, high as a kite or both. We drove by and yelled she needed to get out of here or we will call the cops. I told the manager in Winn-Dixie and he said he would tell the police officer there. She was short with short blonde hair, but I’m trying really hard to erase the whole thing from my memory.”

Maybe she was “overserved” or just really enjoying the sunshiny day we were having that day. Either way, I am sure some people thought Midtown can’t get any better while others contemplated moving out to the sticks. Hey, I hear it gets freaky out there too, though.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ unhealthy snack lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!