To Ashley Trice:

I’m writing to you on the recent Hidden Agenda column published Oct. 23 regarding litter. I whole heartily agree with you on this out-of-control issue. 

I’ve been picking up litter long before I arrived here in beautiful Mobile in 2004. Back in my home state, I lived near a beautiful beach community, and of course tourists flock to beach during the summer months. They littered my streets and sidewalks, disregarding all signs and trash containers along the way. So I took to picking up after them, tapping them on the shoulder and announcing they’d dropped something, and to please put in the trash container. This is my city and where I live, we keep it nice and clean for folks like you to come and enjoy yourselves. Have a nice day!

With that said, I pick up litter in front of my subdivision every Tuesday and Friday and I too have come across some of the strangest stuff people toss out of their vehicles. I’m talking big boxes, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, roofing material, large deer corn plastic bags, materials for home windows, home building materials, plus all the items you mentioned in your column. But wait there’s more!

Litter also comes from across the street from my subdivision, on garbage collection day winds blow the trash from the bins that are set out by our neighbors who overstuff their trash bins and leave the lid open.

Not to mention all those “yard sale” signs people set out and never come back to remove. Oh yes, how about those real estate signs with huge balloons attached, they set out until heaven knows when, the balloons eventually deflate, the signs get broken and now they rest on the grass.

On our subdivision’s streets, the private garbage companies have little regard as well. They carelessly dump the trash bins, leaving a trail of small empty containers, egg shells, fruit peels, bathroom tissues, paper towels, feminine products and other assortment of items. Eventually our neighbors will come out and clean up the mess left by the garbage guys. Occasionally they leave a trail of liquid on the street with a bad stench that my dog can’t ignore.

The litter problem is every citizen of Alabama’s responsibility, not just a few chosen ones. Mother Earth deserves the respect and better care if we want her to continue to provide us with a fruitful and nurturing wonderful place to live. She has allows us to live here, it’s temporary not permanent.

CC Ratchford