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The 2018 Nappie Award winning “Quintessential Mobilian” Suzanne Cleveland is celebrating her 80th birthday in Paris.

As we have all been yelling and screaming at our friends and family members about congressional hearings for the next Supreme Court justice all week, my spies have been out and about collecting stories of happiness, as I think we all deserve something a little lighter to nibble on this week!

Think about hummingbirds and butterflies. The spies noted seeing many of those flying around town this week too, but they weren’t doing anything scandalous, so I didn’t include anything about them — although I did hear a couple of hummingbirds in Midtown were hitting some feeders a little heavy — such crackheads!

Anyway, sit back, turn off the cable news, ignore the Twitter and enjoy! It’s all going to be OK!

Here you go, daddy

Last Sunday night, John Milham’s Inner Mission Band played at Callaghan’s. The band, a relatively new incarnation of seasoned musicians, features some of our area’s best players, with Rick Hirsch on guitar, Leon Brown on trumpet, Ryan Razino on sax, Sean Peterson on bass, Symone French lending her amazing voice on vocals, and of course, Milham on the drums.

We hear the house was packed for the show, naturally. Considering the level of talent playing together, that is hardly surprising!

But despite all of this stellar talent, we hear it was Milham’s youngest daughter, Arden, who stole the show. While the drummer/daddy was playing a song named for her, “Arden’s Garden,” she decided he might need an extra stick, so she walked right up and handed him one. I think there was a collective, “Awwwwww!” from all who witnessed it. One of the patrons caught it on her phone and a video made the rounds on social media, where the “awwwwing” continued.

We have to point out that Arden is the niece of none other than our world-famous Lagniappe cuisine editor, Andy MacDonald, who is also known to play a mean string or six with his own band Fat Man Squeeze. Perhaps little Arden will follow in her family’s very musical footsteps.

A “Quintessential Mobilian” in Paris

The very deserving 2018 Nappie Award winner for “Quintessential Mobilian,” Suzanne “Suey” Cleveland, is celebrating her 80th birthday in the City of Lights. Before her departure for Paris, friends and family gathered at The Cheese Cottage on St. Louis Street last Saturday to send her off in style.

She had two beautiful pink cakes — one of which was designed to look like an Azalea Trail Maid, as Suzanne was once the queen of the Azalea Trail.

Our Parisian spies have already spotted her at the Moulin Rouge and walking through the Red Light District. Gasp! So Suzanne!

We hope our Quintessential Mobilian has a wonderful trip. Happy birthday and safe travels home!

Still available!

It seems the caskets available for sale from the back of a pickup truck in Eight Mile (which we discussed here a few weeks ago) are still available on Facebook Marketplace. Just a reminder: they are $1,000 each. Still no word on if they are used or not, but it seems if you are shopping for a casket that is a little friendlier on the budget, there are folks building wooden coffins in Cantonment and Biloxi in the $300 range. Who knew?

Just to let you know, FPPU is not available on this item. And no try-ons! (I’m guessing here.)

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ daddy lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!