Singer/songwriter Ferrill Gibbs made his first contribution to the local music scene with his 2010 debut album “Phase Separation.” Gibbs is following up this album with a sophomore effort entitled “Significant Trees,” which takes its title from “three significant trees in his life.”

This musical artist brought in two excellent hired guns to assist him in its creation. Hailing from Athens, Ga., Kenosha Kid added a touch of modern psychedelic sounds, as well as keyboardist JoJo Glidewell from the band Of Montreal.

Ferill Gibbs

Ferrill Gibbs

This has to be one of the most interesting albums that has come out of the Mobile music scene in a very long time. Gibbs likes to surprise his listeners, who are drawn into a steady portrayal of a heartfelt singer/songwriter working out life on an acoustic and piano.

When the listener gets comfortable, Gibbs mixes up the album’s sonic attitude, which happens initially with the fourth track “Roses.” A herald of electric guitars strolls in before Gibbs returns with calm, cool vocals and matching instrumentation. This is also the case with the tracks “Samaritan” and “Intoxicating Races,” both of which have all the superior markings of an early ’90s ballad.

As far as persona is concerned, the bipolar nature of this album might seem like Gibbs’ music has too many personalities. However, he maintains consistency in other aspects that causes the tracks to coagulate. This unique quality of Gibbs’ music makes his sound one of the freshest in the local scene. “Significant Trees” is set to be released in the coming weeks.

Lots of music in New Orleans

The Azalea City has been abuzz with folks making plans for Jazz Fest weekend in NOLA. In addition to the actual festival, there are a multitude of shows happening at some of the Big Easy’s most famous venues, such as the Maple Leaf Bar. The Maple Leaf Bar is celebrating 40 years of bringing music to NOLA with a two-week concert series that is a must for those in town for Jazz Fest.

This concert series begins on Wednesday, April 23, with Alvin Youngblood Hart’s Muscle Theory and Papa Mali. In the days the follow, the artists that will be performing are a veritable who’s-who of the New Orleans music scene, including Jon Cleary, Ivan Neville, Walter Wolfman Washington and The Rebirth Brass Band. This series will end on Sunday, May 4, with performances from notables such as Russell Batiste, Mario Benevento and Dave Dreiwitz (Ween).