Alabama Music Box is set to erupt with a tempestuous line-up of garage sounds that includes two local up-and-comers. Mobile’s Jaguarundi will be serving up what they call “funky ska with metal tendencies.” The public has been able to sample the band’s unique sound through their debut “…Goes on the Defensive.” This five-song effort showcases a unique sound that takes their listeners back to the early days of punk and mingles it with old school rock ’n’ roll.

The Volks will also represent the Azalea City. This band recently celebrated the release of their self-titled debut. The Volks are true students of rock ’n’ roll. They have carefully collected the best pieces of ’90s alternative rock, the British Invasion and punk, in order to create a sound that is an instant crowd pleaser.

The locals will be balanced out by two bands that should complement their talents. The Netherlands have been a source of excellent garage rock for quite some time, and this band is prime example of the region’s rock scene. Mozes & the Firstborn have conjured the spirits of the psychedelic ’60s with their rock style. They are currently touring in support of their EP “I Got Skills.”

PANGEA completes this furious foursome. Hailing from Los Angeles, this group shows no mercy with their garage punk. together PANGEA will regale the crowd with cuts from their latest album “Badillac.”

PANGEA, Mozes & the Firstborn, The Volks, Jaguarundi
Date: Friday, Feb. 7, at 9 p.m.
Venue: Alabama Music Box, 455 Dauphin St.,
Tickets: $10, available at Alabama Music Box and its website