I don’t why I am complaining about all the rain. As soon as it stops, it’s going to be hotter than nine hells, as some people like to say. But that’s the price you pay for living on the Gulf Coast and I don’t mind so much. The heat drives us all a little mad and that’s good for the gossip biz. So dive on in to the cool and refreshing waters of Boozie’s gossip pool and swim a few laps. You’ll feel better after you do!

Well, we had some more reports of Mario Van Peebles sightings in town, so of course we are excited to report them to you because well, why wouldn’t you want to know how MVP spends his weekends.

The actor/director is in town preparing to direct “USS Indiana: Men of Courage,” starring Nicolas Cage and scheduled to begin filming — mostly on the USS Alabama — next week.

On Saturday, he was spotted once again at the rooftop pool of the Battlehouse Hotel, reading what my spies described as a “book.” We then hear he may have been brunching on Sunday at Café 615. Yum!

We’ll keep you up to date on all of the latest news, sports, weather and Peebles sightings.

Slide the City Pensacola brings bruising
In preparation for the Slide the City event being held in Spanish Fort June 27, a few of my spies ventured over to Pensacola’s last weekend. They brought back some handy tips. First, they said to get there early because the lines were long.

Second, BYOL — that’s bring your own lube to grease up your float, for better sliding action. And finally, watch out for people sliding over you. One spy said she was taken out by a XXXL slider and came home quite sore and bruised. But despite all of this, they said it was still a ton of fun and are looking forward to greasing it up back in the Bama.

LoDa gets rocked by locals and Bushmen
The Brickyard on Dauphin Street was rocking old-school style this past Friday night when Will and the Bushmen took the stage to honor one of their own. 

Led by Will Kimbrough, who has gone on to a very successful music career in Nashville, the Bushmen were a local and regional favorite in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Saturday night Kimbrough and co-founding member Mark Pfaff took the stage with friends to honor Sam Baylor, who died recently. Baylor was an original member of the band. 

Though the cause was somber, the mood was high as The Bushmen wound through a series of songs everyone in the crowd seemed to know by heart. The crowd was certainly more than peppered by folks who were old enough to enjoy a Bushmen’s show when the drinking age was still 19.

That experience showed, as even though most everyone seemed to be drinking like they were 19 again, the crowd knew the words to every song. “Typical World” and “Better than Christmas” got the crowd up and dancing, and the band sounded like they’d never taken a break.

Boozie’s sure Sam Baylor was looking down and enjoying the show.

The next day, music fans started filling The Brickyard at a very early 1 p.m. Yes, I said p.m. on Saturday, but many stayed until 1 a.m. on Sunday too for the Locals Only Music Fest, featuring Eric Erdman, Ryan Balthrop, The Mulligan Brothers and Kristy Lee, among others.

It was packed and people were singing along to all of the band’s original songs all day. That really is amazing when you think about what the local scene was like 10 years ago, when most bars would only book bands who played covers. Go local music scene, with your bad little self!

Nappie Intel
So obviously, the nomination period is over in the Nappie Awards and this was by far the most votes we have ever received, with a total of over 100,000 votes between the print and online ballots. Here are some fun facts. The Shopping/Services category received this most votes, with over 33,000.

The top vote getters in that category were Best Hairstylist and Best Realtor. And the Eats and Drinks category came in second with over 20,000. Best Locally Owned Restaurant and Best Burger received the most number of votes in the category. Good to know what you guys are passionate about! We will announce and begin voting on the finalists June 18, so get ready!

Well, guys, that’s all I have this time. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plail ol’ Peebles lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!