LongmireA Mobile Police Department captain and subordinate officer have been found guilty of having sexual relations on duty and now must suffer the consequences.

An MPD disciplinary trial board on Dec. 16 found former Third Precinct Commander Carla Longmire guilty of conduct unbecoming and failure to supervise. The board also found Officer Bradley Latham guilty of conduct unbecoming, truthfulness during an investigation and disobedience of orders.

In September, an internal complaint was filed by an officer claiming Longmire and her subordinate officer Latham were having sexual relations while on duty. An internal investigation found evidence enough to bring the officers up on charges.

LathamThe trial board, which was made up of three senior officers, unanimously found the two guilty of all charges. The board recommended Longmire be demoted from captain to lieutenant.

“She is no longer in charge of the Third Precinct,” Chief James Barber said during a press conference on Dec. 17. “Officer Latham will be suspend for a total of 240 consecutive working hours without pay starting Jan. 6.”

Capt. Paul Prine has assumed command of the Third Precinct. Longmire has been moved to Community Services and Latham has been moved to the First Precinct.

Barber noted that the demotion from captain to lieutenant means much more than a 10 percent reduction in pay.

“It is very significant to be demoted from captain to lieutenant. Very rarely do you see a demotion,” he said. “What people may not understand about the structure of the police department is that the demotion is a severe punishment. The control and responsibilities held are majorly cut.”

Longmire and Latham have the opportunity to appeal the board’s decision to the Mobile Personnel Board. However, Barber said the parties seemed remorseful.

Due to the possible appeal, Barber said he could not give many details about the investigation or testimony at this time. He did confirm the two did have sexual relations in a private residence in the Third Precinct.

Barber also confirmed that Latham was one of the officers given honors for his role in the March 2012 robbery of the Catherine Street Winn-Dixie that led to the shooting of Officer Chad Wynn.

He was also one of five officers who shot 44 times at James Hill, who was robbing an RBC Bank in Mobile on July 23, 2009 with an air pistol. Seven bullets hit Hill after he attempted to flee from the scene and got into a chase with police.

When he crashed his car, Hill held his gun out the window and pointed it at officers, which is when the 44 shots rang out.

The officers were ultimately found to have been justified in their shooting, but were placed on administrative duty for five days after the shooting and were required to undergo psychological evaluation.

Longmire’s name has also made the news recently as well.

A senior officer named Longmire as part of problems with the Police Explorers program, which has been scrutinized for possible misuse of money for trips.

In an Aug. 31, 2011, memo from Maj. Kara Rose to then-Police Chief Micheal Williams, Rose wrote about several problems with the program, including discrepancies in who was attending ski trips and excursions to New York and Washington, D.C., all of which used federal money.

Rose laid much of the trouble with the program at the feet of Longmire, who has served as the executive director for the MPD Explorer program. Longmire has a son who attended at least four trips according to records Lagniappe gained after suing MPD for withholding public records.

Earlier, Barber confirmed the program is also under investigation by MPD, but the results would take some time due to the amount of documents.

Barber’s administration has been off to a very busy start in terms of in-house clean ups. Just yesterday the Alabama Attorney General’s Office also announced the indictment of Cpl. Donald Pears on four counts of Willful Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax and four counts of Willful Fraud and False Statements. Pears has worked with the department for more than 40 years and currently is a homicide detective.

 Barber wanted to stress the vast majority of officers work hard and are admirable.

 “I don’t want to have to talk about things like this because in truth, the department is one Mobile can be proud of,” he said. “Unfortunately, the plane landing is not as spectacular as the plane crashing.”