Los Colognes’ story begins with a cassette tape. While driving to Nashville, Jay Rutherford (guitar/vocals) and Aaron “Mort” Mortenson (drums) decided to pass the time by listening to a four-track recording of Mortenson’s uncle. The duo was instantly enraptured, as it was filled with late ‘70s country rock infused with gospel and blues.

This muse followed them all the way back to Nashville and inspired them to build their own sound on a foundation of classic organic rock sounds. They pulled inspiration from J.J. Cale, Dire Straits and John Prine. As time progressed, the band evolved from a duo to seven members, and Los Colognes was born. Rutherford and Mortenson recruited some of the best young session artists that modern day Nashville had to offer.

Los Colognes is touring in support of their debut album “Working Together.” The band’s title track is a perfect representation of their musical philosophies. Clever lyrics are matched with acoustic goodness and delivered in a smooth groove. Other choice tracks on “Working Together” include “King Size Bed,” “Bird of Paradise” and “Get Down.”

Band: Los Colognes
Date: Sun., Nov. 24 at 7 p.m.
Venue: Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, 916 Charleston St., www.callaghansirishsocialclub.com